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Unit Descriptions
1 Nautical milles (International):An international Nautical milles is defined oui 1852 meters. Année approximation of an arcminute simplified à 1852 meters in 1929. Approximately 6076.12 feet jaune 1.151 state miles. 1 NM = 1852 m.

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1 Kilometer:1 kilometre is equal venir 1000 meters. Meter is auto SI établissement unit ns length. Thé prefix kilo, abbreviation "k", indicates one thousand. 1 kilomètre = 1000 m.

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Conversions Table
1 Nautical miles (international) à Kilometers = 1.85270 Nautical mile (international) venir Kilometers = 129.64
2 Nautical milles (international) to Kilometers = 3.70480 Nautical milles (international) à Kilometers = 148.16
3 Nautical mile (international) à Kilometers = 5.55690 Nautical mile (international) à Kilometers = 166.68
4 Nautical mile (international) à Kilometers = 7.408100 Nautical milles (international) venir Kilometers = 185.2
5 Nautical milles (international) à Kilometers = 9.26200 Nautical miles (international) à Kilometers = 370.4
6 Nautical mile (international) to Kilometers = 11.112300 Nautical mile (international) venir Kilometers = 555.6
7 Nautical mile (international) to Kilometers = 12.964400 Nautical milles (international) to Kilometers = 740.8
8 Nautical miles (international) venir Kilometers = 14.816500 Nautical mile (international) à Kilometers = 926
9 Nautical miles (international) venir Kilometers = 16.668600 Nautical mile (international) to Kilometers = 1111.2
10 Nautical mile (international) venir Kilometers = 18.52800 Nautical milles (international) venir Kilometers = 1481.6
20 Nautical mile (international) venir Kilometers = 37.04900 Nautical miles (international) to Kilometers = 1666.8
30 Nautical mile (international) venir Kilometers = 55.561,000 Nautical miles (international) à Kilometers = 1852
40 Nautical milles (international) à Kilometers = 74.0810,000 Nautical mile (international) venir Kilometers = 18520
50 Nautical miles (international) to Kilometers = 92.6100,000 Nautical mile (international) venir Kilometers = 185200
60 Nautical miles (international) venir Kilometers = 111.121,000,000 Nautical milles (international) venir Kilometers = 1852000

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