Abonnement Amazon Prime : Prix

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Beginning Tuesday, Hulu i do not care one de the cheapest streaming service around.

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The société announced critical month that, starting Feb. 26, 2019, cette will lower thé cost of its straightforward monthly plan, which contains commercials, à $5.99. Auto commercial-free édition will continue to be priced at $11.99, while its habitent TV giving is currently $44.99 a month. That's a $5 increase.

Currently, Netflix, auto media-services provider behind hits such ont "The Crown" et "Orange is the nouveau Black," dominates the jouer en ligne game. Research firm Lab42 found that 89 percent of streaming subscribers pay parce que le Netflix, while about 46 cogner use Amazon and 28 percent use Hulu. It's faisabilité Hulu's price mediate could change that.

To help you find the best streaming services to accomplish your needs, right here are a dozen du the most popular service available, from the cheapest to the most expensive, and année overview du what every offers.

CBS tous Access

"Limited commercial" monthly plan cost: $5.99Commercial-free monthly plan cost: $9.99Free psychological period: 7 days

If most du your favorite shows are on CBS, this subscription prestations de service could be parce que le you. Users comprendre access to d’origine content, such oui the "Twilight Zone" reboot, as well as 10,000 episodes nous demand et the ability à watch broadcast spectacles at your convenience.


Monthly plan cost: $5.99Commercial-free monthly destinées cost: $11.99Free attempt period: 30 days

A subscription to Hulu grants tu access to 85,000 episodes de on-demand television, thousands de movies et Hulu Original content such as "The Handmaid's Tale." Hulu, a joint venture of Fox, NBCUniversal, et Disney, has tendency to ont a larger collection of current-season TV spectacles compared venir Netflix, marqué a smaller pool ns movies.

The cheapest édition of Hulu's streaming service includes ads. Tu can opt to go commercial-free, though, et you can also pay extra to add premium networks like HBO, Cinemax, Showtime and Starz.

Amazon componter Video

Monthly destinées cost: $8.99Free attempt period: 30 days

There are two ways to comprendre Amazon componter Video: tu can pay a monthly rate ns $8.99 to access Amazon composants Video as a independent membership, according à a entreprise spokesperson, or you have the right to sign up for Prime, which costs $12.99 a month jaune $119 a year. That gets you all the benefits ns a composants membership, including accessibility to componter Video.

Amazon componter Video lets subscribers stream popular movies et TV shows, consisting of originals favor "The homme In thé High Castle," "The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel" and "Homecoming." Additionally, thé platform has actually thousands ns movies et TV spectacles available à watch anytime, et you have the right to pay to ajouter premium channels à your subscription.

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Basic plan cost: $8.99Standard destinées cost: $12.99Premium destiné cost: $15.99Free psychological period: 30 days

Netflix announced last month that ce would be increasing prices across all of that plans passant par 13 à 18 percent. Auto basic plan, which currently starts at $8.99, gives tu unlimited access to movies et TV shows in SD quality. Auto standard destinées allows you venir stream heureux in HD, while thé premium plan gives amie access à Ultra HD, ont well ont the ability venir stream on up to four display screens at once.

For her money, Netflix offers roughly 1,500 hrs of d’origine programming, consisting of buzzed about spectacle like "Stranger Things" et "Russian Doll" et movies ranging from "To all the boys I've loved Before" to auto highly anticipated guttin Scorsese feature "The Irishman."


Monthly destiné cost: $8.99Free trial period: 7 days

This prestations de service allows you directement access à Starz there is no a cable or satellite package. Through auto Starz app, elle can watch d’origine programs such as "Outlander" and "American Gods" on the very same day that thé episodes aéronautiques live, and sometimes even oui early access venir them. Starz is also available as an add-on channel to Amazon compton Video à la the very same cost.


Monthly destiné cost: $10.99Free psychological period: 7 days

Similar to Starz, Showtime's streaming services gives users access to thé channel's original programming, including spectacles like "Homeland," "Billions" et "Shameless," ont well as access venir curated movies and programs that échanger monthly.

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App users ont the ability venir download spectacles to watch once you're offline, ont Netflix users aller with bien sur content.

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Monthly destinées cost: $14.99Free trial period: 7 days

HBO now is an option à la those who don't oui cable cible want à watch nouveau episodes du shows such oui "Game du Thrones," "Big signification littérale Lies," "Westworld" and "True Detective" in actual time.

In addition to letting tu stream original HBO spectacles when lock air, the subscription grants customers access à HBO's back catalog ns TV shows and a rotating line-up de popular movies.

Sling TV

Monthly destinées cost: $25Free attempt period: 7 days

A abonnement to Sling gets tu access à over 20 live TV channels, consisting of ESPN, CNN, disney Channel, nourriture Network et HGTV there is no signing up à la cable. There's ne sont pas additional earlier catalog de movies jaune TV shows, however.

DirecTV Now

Monthly destinées cost: $40Free trial period: 7 days

Get DirecTV without the satellite. This subscription gives elle access à 65 habitent channels, including sports. The options are pretty much along auto lines of your an easy cable package, though, so non Starz jaune HBO.

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YouTube TV

Monthly destinées cost: $40Free attempt period: 5 days

YouTube rolled the end its cord-cutting option in 2017 and offers 60 live TV networks. A monthly subscription allows for six accounts tout de suite household, which you can customize haricot de soja that you volonté notifications once your favori show is on. Plus, you get unlimited cloud storage parce que le DVR, i beg your pardon is included.


Monthly plan cost: $44.99Free psychological period: 7 days

This streaming prestations de service offers access to over 100 live TV channels, including various premium des sports channels such oui NFL Network, NBA TV, big Ten Network et Fox Sports. The prestations de service offers différent cable channels as well, including A&E, E!, FX, Cartoon Network et the Hallmark Channel.

Hulu + habitent TV

Monthly destiné cost: $44.99Free attempt period: 7 days

Hulu + habitent TV is the company's answer venir cable. V this subscription, you importer access to Hulu's library de streaming content, ont well ont 60 habitent TV channels and on-demand channels, including news and sports. Plus, si you create an individualized profile, you'll importer the loption to save up à 50 hours of content on Hulu's Cloud DVR service.

PlayStation Vue

Monthly destinées cost: $44.99Free trial period: 5 days

A subscription pour PlayStation Vue's cheapest plan, Access, beginning at $44.99 a month. Users volonté access to local broadcast channels, oui well as cable favorite like disney. Channel, ESPN, AMC et HGTV. Amie can access this service nous a number of devices: a PlayStation 3 or 4 console, année Amazon sur le feu TV, apple TV jaune a tablet, computer jaune smartphone.

Whether you're looking à take advantage of Hulu's cheaper price, jaune you're able venir spend a bit more to get access to live TV, you oui more streaming option than ever. Disney et NBC recently announced plans to launch their very own streaming services in the coming months, too.

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