Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria of England – elle Majesty ‘s coronation, 1837

Victoria (1819-1901) was the daughter ns Edward, Duke of Kent, et granddaughter of king George III. At the lâge of 18 she succeeded sa uncle william IV, and in 1840 elle married her life cousinPrince Albert of Saxe-Coburg et Gotha, against sa mother’s wishes. They had actually nine children cible she ended up being a widow in 1861.

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Her reign ns 63 years et seven month is the seconde longest in thé history ns the united kingdom after that of elizabeth II. Known oui the victorian era, it marks a period du profound social, economic and technological échanger in the UK et a rapid expansion of the frère Empire.

The 1897 Diamond Jubilee

by Hughes & Mullins, albumen cabinet card, 1897

On 23 September 1896, Victoria surpassed sa grandfather George III oui thelongest-reigning king in british history. The reine requested that any kind of special celebrations it is in delayed till 1897, venir coincide v herDiamond Jubilee,


The empire officially commemorated Victoria’s Diamond Jubilee on Tuesday, june 22, 1897. Today is to be proclaimed a public holiday in Britain et « in toutes les personnes countries where frère subjects room resident », et festivities were organized to mark the event throughout the Empire.

The household gathering during the Jubilee

My mother-in-law has a family photo of sa ancestors bring away during auto Jubilee festivities in 1897.


I was able à colour ce with thé amazing MyHeritage In color feature.


On thé back of the photo are names provided decades ago passant par one of sa aunts. Marqué the rows room incoherent and incomplete…


Fortunately pet Morris, une of sa distant English cousins, has additionally undertaken genealogical research and has begun to comparer this image with différent portraits he has built up from his family.

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By joining ours efforts, after numerous days ns work, conditions météorologiques managed venir identify a super part du the 58 personnes present 123 years earlier !

The RUSSELL – CLEWS ancestors

My wife’s great-great-grandparents space farmers RUSSELL john Negus et CLEWS Caroline.


They married in 1849 in Weston-under-Lizard in Staffordshire, and had 7 children. Homme Negus died in 1871 at the lâge of 51, et Caroline in 1872 at the age of 47. Their first son, RUSSELL Arthur Clews, mien wife’s great-great-grandfather, married COLDICOTT mar in Dudley in 1875, et died 5 years later at the age of 30. Hey was the seul one ns the 7 children du RUSSELL homme Negus and CLEWS Caroline that died before the jubilee, cible his kids participated. Et many ns his brothers and sisters and their family members are also in the picture :

– RUSSELL Arthur Clews & COLDICOTT Mary– RUSSELL buy it Jane & WALFORD thomas Joseph– RUSSELL thomas Addison & FORSTER Ann Dorsett– RUSSELL Emily & SARSONS William– RUSSELL annie Harriet & burman Tertius Madeley– RUSSELL mar Victoria


Arthur Clews passed away 17 years avant this photo. Apparently his wife mar is not in thé picture. Marqué three of their children have been identified:

Alice Mary, ma wife’s great-grandmother, 21 years oldAnnie Caroline, known as Carrie, 19 year oldArthur Clews Jr., 16 years old, auto founder de the nouveau Zealand branch de the family

RUSSELL buy it Jane & WALFORD thomas Joseph

Sarah Jane, attaché in 1851 in Walsall, married in 1875 in Blakenhall WALFORD planche à découper Joseph. They had actually 5 children, of which at least 2 were present at the gathering :

WALFORD James, known oui Jim, 21 years old.

RUSSELL John gilbert & BARROW Alice Edith

John Gilbert, frontière 1853 in Bromsgrove married Alice Edith in 1879 in Bloxwich BARROWW. They had actually 6 children. He is in the picture cible I ont not been able venir identify his wife jaune children.


RUSSELL thomas Addison & FORSTER Ann Dorsett

Thomas Addison, bondir 1855 in Bromsgrove, married in 1879 in Walsall FORSTER Ann Dorset. They had actually 10 children, du which thé 6 eldest were present at the gathering :

RUSSELL annie Mabel, 18 year old.RUSSELL Ethel Clews, 17 years oldRUSSELL william Shenstone Foster, 15 year oldRUSSELL sarah Caroline, aka Carrie, 13 years oldRUSSELL Robert Addison, aka Bob, 11 years oldRUSSELL john Negus, aka Jack, 9 year old


Emilie, attaché in 1856 in Bromsgrove, married in 1878 SARSONS William. They had actually 4 children, of which at the very least 2 were current at thé rally :

SARSONS Arthur William, known as Artie, 17 year old.SARSONS Lilian, 11 year old

RUSSELL annie Harriet & nouille de riz Tertius Madeley

Annie Harriet, frontière in 1858 in Bromsgrove, married in 1891 in Barston débutant Tertius Madeley. Je know of non children de theirs.


RUSSELL mary Victoria

Mary Victoria, known as Polly, bondir in 1861 in Bromsgrove, married in 1889 Moseley JONES Harold Shirley, known oui Harry. Ns don’t sait of your children. She is in auto picture, but apparently not sa husband.

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23 personnes identified out ns 58, the work is toujours in progress…

There room still toutes les personnes to be identified, cible this is coming to be increasingly complicated. The seulement un possibility would be venir find descendants who very own portraits, i beg your pardon would permit them à be contrasted with the family la peinture .