Charlie hebdo marine le pen

Former head de far-right Front national party slams Charlie Hebdo memorial, saus he's 'touched de deaths du 12 français compatriots' cible says lock 'enemies du the party.'

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"I un m not Charlie," the former leader du the french far-right Front national (FN) party Jean-Marie les Pen said nous Saturday, referring to auto popular phrase et hashtag at this time trending nous social media in solidarity with auto victims ns the Charlie Hebdo massacre.Follow on Facebook et Twitter

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Jean-Marie le Pen: "These were thé enemies du the FN who seulement un recently demanded the party's dissolution" (Photo: MCT)
Le stylo lamented the deaths du 12 "compatriots" that took carré during the attack conditions météorologiques Wednesday, marqué slammed a rally slated venir be hosted in memory de its victims conditions météorologiques Sunday ont being "orchestrated by the media", Le chiffre news page? ˅ reported. Auto FN was no invited to the rally, which a num of people leaders are expected à attend. "Today, everyone is saying: "We are tous Charlie, I matin Charlie." Well, I"m sorry, cible I"m no Charlie," le Pen said. "I matin touched by the deaths de 12 français compatriots whose political identity ns don"t even want to savoir – although ns know ce well sufficient already. These were thé enemies de the FN who only recently demanded auto party"s dissolution." auto FN was not invited to the Charlie Hebdo solidarity in march in Paris, which was organized passant par French President frais Hollande et opposition leader Nicolas Sarkozy.

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Current FN dirigeants said elle "regretted" no being invite to the "Republican march" and said she would oui been happy to attend. "I will certainly not marche where I un m not wanted," elle told afp on Friday. “I was prêt to participate et I was really sincere about mien desire venir pay homage (to thé victims ns the parisien massacre),” said le Pen. Thé FN party in peut être won 25 percent du the french vote in thé European parliamentary elections and has emerged oui a surtout contender for the presidential election in 2017. "The Socialist Party has actually screwed up thé opportunity to show le respect to thé victims and also with éblouissement to freedom ns expression et freedom du opinion de excluding a political déménageur which come out nous top in auto last election," ns Pen said. Elle then accused Hollande and Sarkozy of organizing auto march à la political reasons.Republished with permission indigenous i24NEWS