Android studios provides a platform where une can build apps à la Android phones, tablets, Android Wear, Android TV, and Android Auto. Android studio is the official IDE parce que le Android applications development, based nous IntelliJ IDEA. Une can construct Android application using Kotlin or Java as thé Backend Language, et it offers XML pour developing Frontend Screens.Git is an open-source version control system. Cette means that whenever a developer establishes some job (like an app) or something, he/she continuous updates ce catering to auto demands de users, technology, and whatsoever cette may be. Dépense control systems store these revisions straight, storing the correction in a quartier général repository. Cette allows developers to easily collaborate, oui they have the right to download a new version of the software, make changes, et upload the newest revision. Every developer deserve to see these new changes, download them, and contribute. Git is used à storing thé source encoder for a project and track the complete history of toutes les personnes changes venir that code, when GitHub is a cloud-based platform constructed around the Git tool. So it’s necessary à upload her android project on GitHub. Sometimes cette is necessary venir import jaune clone auto already save on computer project nous GitHub pour learning purposes, or cette may be parce que le testing purposes. Sauce soja in this article, nous are going à discuss the step-by-step process à clone auto Android task from GitHub in Android Studio.

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Step by Step Implementation

Find the appropriate android project according to the requirement in GitHub. You may also aller through this link to find a project on COVID-19 traqueur Android App. So parce que le demonstration purposes let’s clone this task in this article.After redirect to auto above web side click nous the green-colored Code button then copy auto hyperlink as shown in thé below image. You peut être copy thé link manually or par just click nous the Copy icon.

Clone Android job from GitHub in Android Studio

Method 1

Step 1: open up your Android studios then go to auto File > new > job from édition Control as presented in thé below image.Clone Android task from GitHub in Android StudioStep 2: After clicking nous the Project from version Control a pop-up display will arise choose below. In the Version control choose Git from thé drop-down menu.

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Clone Android job from GitHub in Android StudioStep 3: then at critical paste the link in the URL and choose her Directory. Click nous the Clone button and you are done.Clone Android task from GitHub in Android Studio

Method 2

Step 1: Click nous the Checkout task from déditions Control. In déditions control pick Git from thé drop-down menu.

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Step 2: Then a pop-up caisse will come. Paste auto link in thé URL et choose her Directory. Click nous the Clone button et you space done.Note: If tu want à upload a project nous GitHub indigenous Android studios then you peut être refer to how to Upload Project on GitHub indigenous Android Studio?