So, amie got a brand-new Galaxy phone and it is awesome. Cible what is not haricot de soja awesome is missing tous your old photos, videos, and contacts. Well, your problems are over because Smart Switch, an app developped passant par, lets tu seamlessly transfer tous your data from your old phone to your nouveau Galaxy phone. Smart changer will transfer data from many Android or ios phones, and even part older Windows et Blackberry devices. Amie can purchase USB cable and external warehouse device (such as microSD jaune USB flash drive) on our website.

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Note: Information listed applies venir devices marketed in Canada. Accessible screens and settings may vary for smartphones offered in other countries. Smart Switch lets tu transfer les données from her old phones to Galaxy tools only. The supported items may échanger depending on the connected device.

A wireless transport is thé preferred way venir copy your les données to a nouveau phone. Cette is fast et lets elle keep the phones plugged into their chargers during thé transfer.

First, make sure the Smart Switch app is installed conditions météorologiques both phones, et plug them into their chargers. When amie are ready, carré the phones within 4 inches de each other.

Launch Smart Switch on both phones. Tap Send data on the old phone, tap Receive data on the nouveau phone, and then tap Wireless on both phones. Nous your new phone, elle may ont to pick the type of your old phone. Follow any kind of on-screen instructions, since some types ns devices may have additional steps.


Next, complete auto connection de tapping Allow on the old phone. On your new phone, select the content you want à move, et then tap Transfer. Oz the carry is complete, robinet Done on the nouveau phone et you room good à go.

You oui lots of valuable les données saved conditions météorologiques your old ions phone but transferring ce seems like a logistical nightmare. Ne sont pas worries, Smart Switch makes transferring data through iCloud a breeze.

Launch Smart Switch on the nouveau Galaxy phone, and then tap Receive data. Tap Wireless, and then tap iPhone/iPad. Enter your Apple ID and password, et then tap Sign in.


Enter the verification code, and then tap OK. Pick the les données you want to transfer, tap Import, et then tap Import again.

Note: iTunes music and videos can not be moved from iCloud. Unencrypted iTunes musique can it is in transferred to your phone by simply copying the M4A contour from a pc with her iTunes library. Elle can also transfer her music lignes directly from a computer.

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Wired carry is best for personnes who aller not oui a lot of les données on your old téléphone because ce does not permit you to keep her phones connecté to a accusation during the transfer. Si you have a de nombreux of les données or years" worth de text un message to transfer conditions météorologiques recommend performing a wireless move instead.

Note: A USB-OTG adaptation is provided in-box with thé Galaxy Galaxy S10+, Galaxy S10, Galaxy S10e, Galaxy Note10+, Galaxy Note10+ 5G, and Galaxy Z Flip.

Connect the phones with thé old phone"s USB cable. Many cables will call for you to use a USB-OTG adapter. If you oui a Lightning to USB-C or USB-C à USB-C cable you will not need année adapter, it will plug right into your nouveau Galaxy.

Launch Smart Switch on both phones. Tap Send data on the old phone, tap Receive data on the new phone, and then tap Cable on both phones. Smart changer will scan thé old phone for transferrable content.


Select the data you want transferred à the nouveau phone. Année estimate du the transfer temps will be displayed. Si the transfer will take an ext than année hour you may want venir use a wireless transfer haricot de soja both phones deserve to be fee during the transfer.

When you are ready to start, tap Transfer. Once finished, tap Done on the new phone, and tap Close on thé old phone.

If you ont a gros enough capacity microSD card jaune USB OTG flash drive, elle can carry your data using Smart Switch to back up her old device to auto external storage. Before you begin, insert the microSD card or USB OTG storage an equipment into the old phone.

Launch Smart Switch on thé old phone. Tap the SD card icon in thé upper ideal corner, et then tap Back up. Select what you want to back up. Si there is not sufficient space nous your exterior storage, you pouvez need à deselect part items, cible you deserve to come back later venir transfer anything that will not fit. Tap Back up again. When cette is complete, tap Done, et then remove thé external storage.

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Next, insert the external storage right into the new Galaxy phone, et then launch Smart Switch. Robinet the SD card icon, et then tap Restore. Select quel you want venir restore, et then tap Restore again. When it is complete, tap Done.