Concert Ariana Grande 2019 Paris

The Sweetener World la tour finishes ont Ariana Grande"s biggest tour yet v a gross ns $146 million et 1.3 million tickets sold.


Ariana super performs onstage during thé Sweetener World tour - opening Night at temps Union centre on march 18, 2019 in Albany, new York.Kevin Mazur/Getty Images pour Ariana Grande

In 2017, Ariana super expertly executed the global nine-month Dangerous mrs Tour, amounting to a $71.1 million gross from 75 report shows. Deux years later, nous the back du two chart-topping albums, a string de hit singles, and a slew of awards buzz et critical acclaim, gros has doubled sa good fortune, wrapping the Sweetener World tour with $146.4 million and 1.3 million tickets sold according to compte reported to panneau daffichage Boxscore.

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The Sweetener World la tour played 68 spectacles in phibìc America, in enhancement 29 événements in Europe, toutes les personnes running indigenous March 18 – December 22, 2019. Gros delivered $106.9 million in the U.S. And Canada, oui opposed à $39.5 million in Europe, amounting venir a 73% / 27% split. This break roughly matches that du the Dangerous woman Tour, where sa stateside revenue tripled thé tour’s europe grosses, at $33.2 million to $10.8 million.

While auto North American événements on Grande’s 2019 la tour sported a $118.54 average billet compared to $92.52 in Europe, a quartet of international dates provided auto trek’s meilleur attendance figures, maxing out at 49,950 tickets sold from three spectacle at London’s O2 Arena conditions météorologiques Aug. 17, 19-20. Thirteen engagements this year broke the 20,000 ticket barrier, increase from six likewise packed engagements in 2017, et two in 2015. Meanwhile, 14 engagements grossed end $2 million, with ten hitting the $3 million mark.


The Sweetener World tour marked personal highs parce que le Grande any way amie slice it. Auto trek yielded thé highest total gross, arme à feu attendance, num of shows (97), median gross ($1.509 million), mean attendance (13,699 tickets), and average billet price of sa career ($110.18).

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At the close of 2019 and her biggest la tour yet, Grande’s le total career les données extend to $243.5 million and 2.7 million tickets marketed from a report 229 shows.

The Sweetener World tour is in faire un don of both Sweetener, Grande’s august 2018 LP, et Thank U, Next, sa February 2019 follow-up. Both to adjust debuted at No. 1 nous the 200 and yielded a combined 21 hits conditions météorologiques the Hot 100, including deux No. 1 personne célibataire (“Thank U, Next” à la seven weeks; “7 Rings” pour eight weeks) concède three additional dessus 10 célibataire (“No Tears Left venir Cry” debuted and peaked at No. 3, “God Is a Woman” peaked at No. 8, and “Break Up with Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” debuted et peaked at No. 2).

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Most recently, grande memorialized auto Sweetener World tour with a live albums called K Bye à la Now (SWT Live).