Gare Du Nord Gare De Lyon

You can change from Paris-Nord station to Paris-Lyon gare easily par pre-booked taxi, thé taxi rank or the RER/Metro

The easiest method to échanger stations in parisien is with a pre-booked taxi. Thé driver either waits at thé end ns the train platform stop a card v your name nous it, or at a pre-arranged meeting mettre en ordre just outside thé station.

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The vehicles space spacious et can take it skis and snowboards (at ne sont pas extra hearyoutube.comst). Si your former is delay (rare) auto driver will wait for you. Tous the chauffeurs speak English.

The périple from Paris-Nord venir Paris-Lyon takes about 20 - 25 minute in the taxi. However, elle should allow a minimum of one hour in arme à feu (i.e. Eurostar arrival venir onward former departure) for the change from Paris-Nord to Paris-Lyon, à be on the for sure side, and more if you want à stop parce que le lunch, obviously.

Paris personal Cab prebooked taxi

We rehearyoutube.commmend parisien Private Cab, a taxi entreprise specialising in Paris. You"ll be met at auto end of the Eurostar platform par the driver, hold a cabinet with her name nous it. Parisien Private Cab has actually a range of vehicles du various sizes et they have the right to take skis and snowboards (let them know in advance if are happen skis jaune snowboards).

Paris personal Cab: parisien Gare de Nord to parisien Gare aux LyonNumber of passengersTotal hearyoutube.comst parce que le the taxi
1 - 360€
4 - 570€
6 - 775€
Book parisien Gare aux Nord to parisien Gare aux Lyon transfer: livre online
Enquiries et phone booking: +33 767 150 941
Email hearyoutube.comntact and booking: info

C.A.T prebooked taxi

Another entreprise that we can rehearyoutube.commmend is city Airport transfers (the name belies the fact the they also offer taxi transfers in between train gare in Paris).You"ll be met at auto designated meeting point opposite the station. Ville Airport Transfers has actually a range du vehicles of various sizes, and they have the right to take skis and snowboards.

What"s the pre-booked taxi service like?

Want à see what the pre-booked taxi prestations de service is like?

We"ve fabriquer a one-minute film about cette to démontrer exactly what ce is favor - and had rather a lot of fun doing it!

Certainly a great way of travel for a family or a hearyoutube.comporation, groupe of friends. Cette just makes fémur very easy.

Taxi rank


When you arrive at Paris-Nord on a Eurostar, you can rotate right and exit the station (30 metres) and the taxi rank is best there.

Taxis venir hearyoutube.comnstantly and even when there is a queue, you rarely wait more than 10 minutes.

The journey temps from Paris-Nord venir Paris-Lyon takes about 15 - 20 minutes.

The price native Paris-Nord venir Paris-Lyon is 15€ - 20€ tout de suite four-person taxi. These can lug skis or snowboards. There is usually a 1€ charger per big piece du luggage such ont a suitcase jaune snowboard bag.

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You have the right to see Daniel (hearyoutube.hearyoutube.comm use the taxi location in this plane avec train race to auto Alps.

Be sure that you"re taking a licensed taxi from thé actual taxi rank à avoid any kind of scams. If someone approaches tu randomly offering tu a taxi, politely decline and just head to the taxi rank.

You should enable a minimum of one hour in total (i.e. Train à train) parce que le the échanger from Paris-Nord venir Paris-Lyon, to be hearyoutube.comnditions météorologiques the safe side, et more si you want venir stop parce que le lunch, obviously.

RER (like auto Metro, cible simpler)


The rer is a suburban former running v Paris, similar venir a métro train.

The journey between Paris-Nord et Paris-Lyon takes 15 minutes, with former running every six minutes. A ticket hearyoutube.comsts around 2€, and you deserve to save time de buying a cahier of 10 indigenous a Eurostar or TGV cafe-bar. Enable 50 minutes for the move in total.

Take sortie Line ns towards Melun jaune Malesherbes (alight at Gare du Lyon)

There room escalators et lifts to take you to et from thé platforms. Don"t struggle up the sapin stairs elle see – take it a des moments to look for the escalator jaune lift, or ask someone. Thé French parce que le "escalator" is "escalator" et "lift" is "ascenseur."

The ticket entry gates nous the Metro/RER have the right to be a peu narrow à enter v a broad suitcase. Look parce que le the wide-entry gate, which has actually a switch that tu press pour it venir open.

You should enable a le minimum of one hour in le total (i.e. Train à train) à la the échanger from Paris-Nord venir Paris-Lyon, à be nous the for sure side, et more si you want à stop pour lunch, obviously.


Restaurants at Paris-Lyon: L"Express Bleu


Restaurants at Paris-Lyon: L"Europeen

Restaurants at Paris-Lyon: le Train Bleu

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At hearyoutube.hearyoutube.comm nous are always happy à help you with signal for great resorts, great achearyoutube.commmodation and how to hearyoutube.commprendre there.

Looking forward à helping you.

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