Grand Prix De France F1 2020

Circuit paul Ricard is a daunting track à approach in Formula 1 and the ai are always quick around here!

F1 2020 is currently out worldwide et has wowed both fans and critics. We"ve the review this year"s main Formula 1 game et we love cette too!

The french GP made a comaback in 2018 at Circuit paul Ricard. While thé event has actually been cancelled in 2020, you can play the cours in F1 2020.

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Setups room difficult to ace thanks to auto circuit"s longue straights et long corners which demand a de nombreux of downforce.

But don"t worry, we"re here venir help! ours setup guide parce que le the french GP gives tu the meilleur opportunity à reach thé top step du the podium in my Team and Career Mode.


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The aerodynamics space arguably auto toughest part du the là to setup in France. There room three very longue straights here and more points where you"ll be hitting 200 mph (320 kph).

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5 front et rear wing angle is thé lowest you can go et still be fast through the corners. Thé setting will also permit you to be quick in a straight line, even without DRS.


Transmission sets how your traction will be, you"ve got to perfect this à be quick. Année open differential renders traction an ext gradual but reduces cette overall.


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There aren"t many an overwhelming traction région in France. Aside from turns 6, 9 et 15, elle won"t be struggling à control thé rear finish on-throttle.

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We opted pour 90% off-throttle diff and 75% on-throttle. 90% is the highest elle can go parce que le off-throttle, ont the là will be rough through thé high-speed corners du Turns 1 & 2 and Turn 11.

Suspension Geometry

Tyre wear isn"t usually an issue in France marqué if you"re conservative enough, tu can aller a 1-stop gyeongju here. Doing une less pit-stop than auto competition conserves heaps de time, as the pit-lane is one ns the longest on the calendar.

The higher thé camber et the lower thé toe thé faster the là will generally be. This is since more ns the wheel"s surface will be in communication with thé tarmac.

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We opted à la the front camber to be -2.70, with the rear set at -1.20. Auto toe angle need it is in relatively meugler at 0.08 on thé front et 0.29 on the rear.

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You can transform these values si you"re maybe to meilleur save her tyres throughout thé race.


Suspension setups determine comment your là will mechanically handle through corners et over auto kerbs.

The kerbs aren"t harsh in pôle Ricard, they"re an extremely smooth passant par F1 standards. However, you"ll require softer springs than usual here, tandis que to the sheer vitesse, vitesse you"ll be rounding these corners.

We opted pour 3 on both auto front and the rear axles, any kind of higher et you might end increase spinning at revolve 10.

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The anti-roll bars are therefore really stiff venir compensate. 10 nous the front and 9 nous the rear is oui low oui you can importer away through without compromising stability.

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Finally, auto ride height needs venir be court in order venir aid straight-line acceleration. We opted à la 3 on both the front et rear cible you could aller lower than this thanks to paul Ricard being oui flat oui a pancake.


Brake aren"t ont crucial in Spain oui they are for other races, but you need to comprendre this right venir be able to overtake.

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Thanks to the longue straights, there space some big stops in France. Lockups aren"t usually an issue, soja you"ll require to aller high conditions météorologiques the brake pressure. 89% push is année appropriate value, marqué you can calmer be competitive v 85%.

The prior brake prejudice should be set to 53% venir prevent front lockups. Again, si you"re locking the tyres, échanger this value à accommodate.


The only change to setups in F1 2020 is that amie can now collection the tyre pressures for each separation, personal, instance tyre.

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The table pressures need to be roughly middle ns the park to comprendre the bite tu need à be fast.


Set both ns the prior axle"s tyres à 23.4 psi, slightly higher than most circuits cible this helps compensate à la cooldown down the straights.

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To help auto rears out de the traction zones, 21.5 psi nous the left and right is ideal. Like pointed out previously, traction and wheelspin isn"t usually année issue here, sauce soja you could go even greater than this. is supported passant par its audience. When amie purchasethrough links conditions météorologiques our site, we pouvez earn an affiliate commission.Learn more
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