La Provence Digne Les Bains Deces

Magnificent, graphic and always aesthetic, thé Alps market a privileged setting for inspired actors. We’re taking you la fin to uncover some mythical filming point out in thé Alps. Amour stories, extraterrestrial invasions and even a police investigation… auto mountains et villages de the Alps attract auto filmmakers who adore these organic settings and offer nous beautiful ideas for films!

Les Courriers du la mort

A police enquête in Digne-les-Bains

Visit auto Alps steeped in suspense, de immersing yourself in the screenplay of das Courriers du la Mort, a telefilm de Philomène Esposito based conditions météorologiques the livre by calcul Magnan. Head for Digne-les-Bains et Barles in auto Alpes ns Haute Provence, whereby most de the histoire takes place. A to walk around thé site and you will certainly be able to see auto famous letterbox near thé cemetery, thé starting point of auto intrigue. Auto geological formation of thé Clue du Barles (a narrow cou carved passant par torrents) appears as année echo du the crispation of thé story. After the murder ns rich Véronique Melliflore in Digne-les-Bains, jai reçu une phrase Chabrand and retired commissaire Laviolette set off in search du the truth to try et solve this mystery.

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Alex Hugo

A series in the mountains of auto Alps et the dénormes Briançonnais

Rediscover toutes les personnes the places where Alex hugo , the successful series broadcast on la france 2, to be shot. Because cette could no plus long bear toutes les personnes the leader in his job, Alex Hugo, thé policeman native Marseille (played de Samuel les Bihan), decides à leave everything à go and live in auto mountains.

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Hey hopes to find freedom et peace in the mountains et his nouveau day-to-day life in auto rural officier de police force. See toutes les personnes the beauty ns the Southern french Alps nous screen, through in particular sequences conditions météorologiques the glacier Blanc and the Falaise d’Orpierre. These sequences were in reality supervised passant par mountain guider in revendiqué of auto safety de the gibbs who had actually to face up to mauvais weather conditions. Thé landscapes du the dénormes Briançonnais are likewise in the limelight, oui is thé Vallée ns la Clarée, change the name Vallée aux Lusagne in auto film, i m sorry is one du the henchmen filming locations.


La fille dessus le pont

A amour story nous the rails of the Caranca Tunnel

Would you oui recognized thé landscapes du the Alps which show up in Patrice Leconte’s cinématicien La fille d’environ le passerelle ? Vanessa Paradis, Daniel Auteuil et their remarkable acting experience cleared up in auto Station of Breil-Sur-Roya, a little ville in the Parc du Mercantour à la the shooting. Nous also see them conditions météorologiques place louis Armand et on the rails which aller through the Caranca cave in the Alpes-Maritimes. And of arttaserse the i can not forget scene of Gabor nous the rails outside auto tunnel.

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The cinématique tells the story de Adèle, a young girl conditions météorologiques the verge of suicide, devastated by her sentimentale mishaps, who is saved in auto nick de time par Gabor, a experienced knife thrower looking pour a nouveau partner. Together, luck will come your way and they will find that without each other, ce will be difficult to succeed…