Langue Les Plus Parlées Au Monde 2019

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The BriefingAround 15% of the globale population speaks English, making it the world’s most spoken languageHowever, seul a third de English haut-parleurs consider ce their native languageThere are an ext native Mandarin Chinese conférencier worldwide than aboriginal English speakers

The world 10 Most spoken Languages

In today’s increasingly globalized world, having actually a mutual means ns communication—or année international language, rather—is more de nombreux than ever.

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With end 1.1 billion conférencier worldwide, English is currently the closest we’ve come à a lingua franca, a common langue that connects personnes from different backgrounds.

However, Mandarin Chinese peut faire one day catch up. This is a look at thé top 10 most spoken languages across auto globe:

RankLanguageTotal Speakers
1English1,132 million
2Mandarin Chinese1,117 million
3Hindi615 million
4Spanish534 million
5French280 million
6Standard Arabic274 million
7Bengali265 million
8Russian258 million
9Portuguese234 million
10Indonesian199 million

While English and Mandarin Chinese come fermé when spring at their total num of speakers, English has actually a more comprehensive geographical distribution—it’s share as année official language in 67 different countries worldwide.

In contrast, Mandarin Chinese is well-known as année official language in seulement five regions.

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Top 10 Languages by Native Speakers

Things look at slightly various when spring at arme à feu native speakers, jaune people who think about a langue their first/primary one.

In this instance, Mandarin Chinese and Spanish outrank English:

RankLanguageNative Speakers
1Mandarin Chinese918 million
2Spanish460 million
3English379 million
4Hindi341 million
5Bengali228 million
6Portuguese221 million
7Russian154 million
8Japanese128 million
9Western Punjabi93 million
10Marathi83 million

This begs thé question—will English remain auto “dominant” language in the years venir come, jaune will auto world it is in switching to a nouveau lingua franca in the future?

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Where go this les données come from?

Source: EthnologueNotes: This database consist of a majority du the world’s population et details approximately 7,111 living languages