Situated in the North East of Nancy, the Sainte la croix Park is a gigantic animal park covering nearly 120 hectares. A resourcing et enriching stroll, in auto respect and preservation ns biodiversity.

In 1980 Gérald et Liliane Singer, a agriculture couple, reinvented their farm into a park venir present thé European fauna: deer, lynx, bison and wolves...To importer to know these pets speciesbetter, tu can take it one of the four observer trails et discover an ext than 100 different varieties that habitent there today in semi-liberty in life conditions fermé to their natural environment.

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Concerned about the well-being du its residents, the park tries to recreate as much as possible the conditions in which the animals habitent in thé wild. Périmé to your semi-liberty, they room not constantly easy à observe.However, sauce soja that the auditeur can nevertheless enjoy them, raised platforms i ordered it in terraces (equipped through telescopes) are set up. While supplying visitors various surveillance points, this spaces allow for the animals' tranquillity venir be respected.

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Similarly, in order not à hinder auto autonomy of the wild animals, measures ont been placed in place: the brun bears in auto park, à la example, oui practically no direct contact with man, their nourriture being concealed in auto two hectare that consist of their space.Berries are likewise placed under tree trunks et fish space thrown into the sortie to forces the bear à look for nourriture itself.

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A night in thé park

For an even more intensif experience, auto park uses overnight remains in lodges. A way venir live as close oui possible to auto animals et share with them a peu of their du quotidien life outside ns the influx of day visitors. This visit, in addition to raising awareness around the abrite of fauna and flora, offers tu a guaranteed échanger of scenery!

To prepare your visit, it's here.Marie du Comme des Français___And for other ideas du visits in auto heart ns nature:


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