History et description

Stade Chaban-Delmas, till 2000 known oui Parc Lescure, was built in thé 1930s, though merveille had currently been played at the emplacement from ont early ont 1912.

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Parc Lescure officially opened nous 12 célibataire 1938. The first match was the World Cup quarter-final in between Brazil et Czechoslovakia (1-1). Later on in the tournament thé stadium would likewise host thé match à la third carré between Brazil et Sweden (4-2).

Parc Lescure remained greatly unchanged in the next fifty years. In 1985, it set its enregistrer attendance as soon as 40,200 personnes visited a allumettes between Girondins et Juventus.

The stadion underwent its first major redevelopment in 1987 when the cycling track got removed et the supporter were prolonged towards the pitch. More renovations were fabriquer in thé mid-1990s venir prepare thé stadium for the 1998 world Cup.

During auto World Cup, se garer Lescure organized five coporation, groupe matches and the round du 16 match between Croatia et Romania (1-0).

The stadium changed name in 2000 to stadion Chaban-Delmas, in honour of constitue mayor du Bordeaux Jacques Chaban-Delmas.

Stade Chalban-Delmas has auto longest players’ tunnel of any kind of stadium in Europe. It measures a total ns 120 metres.

In 2015, Bordeaux moved à the nouveau Matmut Atlantique stadium, built to provide the club with meilleur facilities and as a playing venue à la the Euro 2016 tournament. Stadion Chaban-Delmas has because exclusively hosted rugby matches et will continue to aller so in thé future.

How to volonté to stade Chaban-Delmas

Stade Chaban-Delmas is situated towards the east ns the city quartier général of Bordeaux at much less than 2 kilometres from ville Hall or Place aux la Victoire. Thé walk should take about 20 minutes.

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The supprimer to Bordeaux’s main railway station, gare St-Jean, is contempt longer, around 3.5 kilometres.

From auto historic city central the stadium deserve to be quickly reached by tram. Take it tram A indigenous the opération d’Alsace Lorraine in the direction of Mérignac Centre et get off at stop stade Chaban-Delmas. Auto journey will certainly take 10 to 15 minutes.

From stations St-Jean take bus 9 in the direction of Brandenburg, and get la fin at stop stade Chaban-Delmas. Thé ride will certainly take 20 to 25 minutes. Buses go every 10 minutes.

From auto airport take bus 49 into town. Comprendre off at stop hôpital Pellegrin, and walk a more 5 minutes to auto stadium.

Stade Chaban-Delmas lies along auto “Boulevards” de Bordeaux, a set ns avenues dubbed “Boulevard” the circle approximately the ville centre. If arriving de car, do your method to auto boulevards and follow auto signs to centre Hospitaliers.

Address: place Johnston, 33000 Bordeaux

Eat, drink, et sleep near stadion Chaban-Delmas

Stade Chaban-Delmas is located in a rather quiet residential area, but it being france there is constantly a café, brasserie, or restaurant around. Still, detect something venir eat and drink in Bordeaux’s city centre may be a better idea.

There room a few hotels the are located at around 10 protocole walking from thé stadium, i m sorry include la Maison Cachée, l’hôtel Alton, the tous Seasons Bordeaux Meriadeck. Click here venir see all hotels near stade Chaban-Delmas.

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Alternatively, elle can find a hôtel in Bordeaux ville centre, and if tu choose something in the south-west of the central you can also walk to thé stadium. Hotels trop sale to be somewhat cheaper near gare St-Jean, which additionally has a spot de nightlife fermer la porte near auto docks.

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