Musée leonard de vinci venise

If a cancellation is fabriqué at least 4 days before the day of the tour, thé cancellation punish is equal à 20% ns the gross total.For cancellations the are made from le3 days prior auto day of the tour, thé penalty charger will it is in equal à 100% du the gross total (price paid is not REFUNDABLE).

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Reduced ticketChildren in between 7 and 18 years old and students up venir 24 years old (showing année University card).

PLEASE NOTE: youngsters under 6 are free

Discover the collection of inventions created by Leonardo sans couture VinciVisit the musée dedicated to thé Great GeniusTry making use of the machinerie designed passant par Leonardo sans couture Vinci

This museum houses a collection of machines made based nous Leonardo tous Vinci projects, developed in full size. Tous machines work and many deserve to be tested.Inside the musée there are additionally educational projections about auto life and works of the an excellent Genius, ont well oui a breuning of the henchmen pictorial works de the artist et some du his main anatomical studies.






What is included?Entrance ticket to thé museumBooking fee

Not includedGuide serviceAudio guide

Where à faire I choose up the ticket?

The day du the visit elle will ont to démontrer your voucher in thé reservation desk de the museum, in the raison Rocco School, Campo raison Polo 3052.

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If elle are late elle will lose the reservation and you will certainly not be refunded.In case you aller not take part du the tour you will not it is in refunded.Remember that amie must show année identity documentations at auto entrance, in des boites of having tickets v reduced, ultra reduced jaune free rate.



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