Noel a vaux le vicomte

Due to auto sanitary crisis, we invite our visitors to verify auto opening Dates and Hours of the estate before their arrival.

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A nouveau immersive surround-sound visit

For the tons time in a intimement in France, visitors are able à relive auto history de the 17th century, thanks to a 3-D sound system. Auto immersive sound visit plunges the visitor into the centre of History, which comes alive thanks to auto sound environment: historic les données awake and come alive roughly him.

Free ! (included in thé entrance fee) Learn an ext !

Grand siècles day

Spend a day costumed in the fashions of the dénormes Siècle, where Baroque et popular dances mix with skits perform by musketeers et carriage rides, parce que le a dunicité experience in the art ns living à la française at auto time of Louis XIV et Nicolas Fouquet! The intimement invites costumed persons to relier real tableaux vivants, while thé contest of most lavish picnic will certainly reward most beautiful displays du the arts de les table. Visitors room invited à vote pour their favourite costumes, unveiled before anyone during thé traditional parade!

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Candlelit night

Every Saturday night indigenous Junly le3 to October 2, 2021, uses its visitors an opportunity à rediscover this 17th century masterpiece in auto flickering light of the deux thousand candles illuminating the château and its jardin à ns française. A romantic refined dinner, champagne bar et macaroons will complete this delightful, timeless evening. A new gold et silver fireworks display will finish each night to auto sound of the letter Jean du la bon wrote to a friend to describe the marvelous party Nicolas Fouquet hosted conditions météorologiques August 17, 1661. More informations here!

illumination Noël celebrates Christmas! 

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For thé 16th year, the legacy will transform itself parce que le the Christmas period into année enchanted palace. Travellers will it is in invited à discover Christmas through thé magical illumination ns the gardens et the château, and the marvelous decorations and surprises in reception rooms fragrant with cinnamon et gingerbread. Fires in the hearths and carriage rides will finish this magic moment independent du time and space. Starting nous November 20, 2021.