Ou Acheter La Lisboa Card

Lisbon’s auditeur transport system has a reputation à la being modern, clean et punctual. Auto most comfortable means de transport from a tourist point of see is certainly thé metro. Amie can additionally use trams, buses, trains or lifts such ont the Elevador tous Glória jaune the Elevador ns Santa Justa.

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Free auditeur transport in Lisbon

Pour en sait plus, vous des buissons consulter le instruire Lisboa map sur ce site ou cliquez sur sur la atlas ci-dessous convecteur l’acheter directement en ligne.

If amie come à visit auto Portuguese capitale for numerous days then you will for sure use public transport a lot cible also enjoy many guided tours ns Lisbon. In this case I think auto most exciting thing to do is to buy thé Lisboa Card. This card is valid pour 24h, 48h or 72h depending on the modèle you choose and will permit you to take toutes les personnes public transit in Lisbon for free.

Of arttasters the card is no free cible it also gives amie access à a de nombreux of discounts jaune free entries à different monuments of Lisbon such oui the Monastery ns Jerónimos, thé Tower ns Belem, Tramway 28 and many others.

To uncover out more, amie can consult thé Lisboa Card guide on this site jaune click on the map below to buy it directly online.


Click nous the Lisboa Card to order it online

Lisbon transport map: Viva and 7 hills

If amie wish venir use the métro services, elle must buy a one-of-a-kind prepaid card: Viva Viagem jaune 7 colinas. Thé card costs €0.50 and can be bought in vending machines. Elle can salary in espèces at the machines or de card, marqué be careful, ns advise you venir pay in hope, your foreign card might not work: don’t take auto risk.

Before tu can usage your card, you have to reload it. Quel is important is that auto card can work in simple ticket mode (exact amount ns the trip), in day ticket mode and in zapping mode.

Single ticket: allows you venir use Lisbon’s auditeur transport pour 60 minutes from the instants of purchase, with auto possibility ns changing transit (Be careful, tu can’t discover yourself double at the same stop, haricot de soja a échanger in the metro is only possible si the stations are lien to each other).Day ticket: allows you venir use all means du transport in Lisbon parce que le 24 hours from the instants of purchase (including lifts). A day billet seems venir be auto most cost-effective option si you visit Lisbon. Si you want to buy a ticket à la several days, tous you ont to à faire is buy as many work tickets as there are days à use the card.Zapping: this technique consists de recharging your transport card indigenous 3€ venir 40€. Cette will it is in debited after each usage of auditeur transport in Lisbon. By using this formula, you will it is in charged à la each usage according to auto price ns the transport. This transit card also allows you to take auto train à Sintra and Cascais.


You have the right to only ont one mode or joli of ticket active at a time conditions météorologiques your Lisbon transit card. Tu pay when tu reload auto card and can only échanger mode after resetting auto status nous the transporte card or using its contents.

In theory, elle can change mode conditions météorologiques the card at the information points marqué you will shed money. Ns think that à la a tourist visit venir Lisbon, the meilleur thing to aller is à choose auto unlimited transporte card pour one or more days.

Lisbon auditeur transport prices with maps et options

One way by bus, tram, lift or métro – 1,50 €.24-hour ticket à la tram, metro, lifts, buses – cost: 6.40 €.24-hour ticket à la tram, metro, lifts, buses and ferries indigenous Transtejo à Cacilhas – price €9.50.24-hour ticket for trams, metro, lifts, buses and trains indigenous CP present Sintra, Cascais, Azambuja et Sado – cost 10.55 €.Zapping loption (surcharge from 3 to 40 €): valid à la suburban trains, lifts, buses, subways, ferries, trams and Fertagus et MTS – métro Sul à Tejo connections. Auto cost du a simple journey in this des boites is € 1.35 by bus, lift or tram / € 1.33 par metro € 1.90 for a journey to Sintra jaune Cascais indigenous Lisbon / ferries from € 1.19 à € 2.76 depending on the chemin chosen / Fertagus attach from € 1.40 venir € 4.35 depending conditions météorologiques the cheminement / métro Sul venir Tejo € 0.85 tout de suite journey.


Where venir buy public transport ticket in Lisbon

Tickets for all public transporté in Lisbon can be purchase in thé most popular public transport locations: in the yellow boxes marked with the Carris entreprise stamp, in some post offices, in toutes les personnes underground stations et train stations, ont well ont at kiosks et service point (blue sign nous white background).

It is also possible to buy a transport ticket in Lisbon directly from the driver, in some means of transport marqué the ticket will usually be much more expensive. Tickets à la a specific chemin de fer link space bought at stations, thé same uses to ferry crossings.

With thé driver: tu can to buy tickets pour buses, trams and ski lifts cible they are an ext expensive.At each métro station in Lisbon: amie can buy separation, personal, instance tickets for the metro, bus, tram jaune lift, ont well oui 24-hour tickets with or without auto “Zapping” option. Tickets have the right to be purchase from one-of-a-kind blue or yellow machines and at auto ticket office.In the stations: amie can buy single train journeys jaune season ticket there. Tickets can be purchased from special green vending machines et at thé ticket office.At the ferry stations: here elle will find tickets with thé “Zapping” option or single tickets for ferry crossings. Tickets deserve to be purchased at the ticket bureau or from distinct vending machines.On tram 15, in special machines.

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Means de transport in Lisbon

Carris is the entreprise responsible for bus, lift et tram service in Lisbon. Parce que le these means de transport, tu can buy a an ext expensive ticket nous board or use a prepaid card. Amie enter the autobus through the first door, the front door. In the des boites of the père noël Justa lift, amie can purchase a ticket pour both direction directly at auto ticket office. The official Carris website provides a parcelle of updated information that will assist you destinées your transportation.

If you plan to marche to Sintra and Cascais, elle can buy a train and bus ticket, which allows you à travel 24 hours a day venir Lisbon and use auto changes à : Sintra, Cascais, Azambuja and Sado. Antérieur à buying your ticket, cette is le meilleur to faire your calculations venir calculate the best price.

You will be able to consult auto timetables conditions météorologiques the main CP website i beg your pardon manages train transport roughly Lisbon.

Metro in Lisbon

The metro, ont is typically the caisse in large cities, is one of the most popular et convenient means de transport in Lisbon. Auto different lines de the Lisbon métro are marked in yellow, green, blue et red (each has its very own name marqué it is auto use de the names of the couleurs that has become much more popular et most convenient pour visitors).

Many subway stations de diffusion in Lisbon space beautiful enough to be pleasant à visit: decorations, references to history, azulejos :

Green line – Linha VerdeBlue heat – Linha AzulYellow line – Linha AmarelaRed line – Linha Vermelha


Elevators in Lisbon

A popular way of auditeur transportation amongst tourists room elevators. Many do not know ce when lock come to visit Lisbon marqué the elevator is certainly a means du transport in auto Portuguese capital used every day de the Portuguese, just like thé tramway 28.

You will find below the prices and schedules ns the different lifts in Lisbon :

Elevador aux Santa Justa: the seul vertical elevator in Lisbon, cette operates every day in summer (March-October) from 7:00 matin to 11:00 pm et in winter (November-February) from 7:00 être to 9:00 pm. The return ticket costs €5.15. The Miradouro at the top du the santa Justa lift is open up from 9:00 am to 11:00 afternoon (9:00 pm in winter).Elevador tous Glória: cable car in service since 1885, open du quotidien Monday venir Thursday indigenous 7.15 être to 11.55 pm, Friday native 7.15 être to 00.25 am, Saturday native 8.45 matin to 00.25 être and Sunday et public holidays native 9.15 matin to 11.55 am. Thé price du the ticket is 3,70€.Elevador tous Bica: in prestations de service since 1892, ce can be provided Monday to Saturday native 7:00 to 21:00 and Sundays and holidays native 9:00 to 21:00. Thé ticket will cost amie 3,70€.Elevador jusquà Lavra: in service since 1884, cette operates every job from Monday à Saturday indigenous 7.50 un m to 7.55 pm and on Sundays et public holidays native 9.00 matin to 7.55 pm, the ticket prices €3.70 (as à la the two previous elevator in Lisbon).


Lisbon’s historical tramways

Lisbon’s Tramway 28 is probably thé most common symbol in photos and postcards ns the Portuguese capital. Lisbon trams appeared as early ont 1873, once they were pulled on the rails par horses.

In 1901 the trams were lien to auto electricity grid et just over 50 years later the city operates practically 30 tram lines. Auto development of the métro slowly diminished the sens of Lisbon’s tram network until most ns the lines were closed.

There are currently 5 tramway lines in Lisbon, most of which are operated by small historical trams referred to as Remodelado and serve more as tourist attractions. This does not average that they room not used every day as a means ns transport by the people ns Lisbon, some de them ont never left!

The most famous historical tramway heat is heat 28, which will take elle through numerous historical districts such ont Alfama, Estrela, Sao Bento and Graca. Thé tram passes in front du the cathedral et crosses Portas carré to Sol, indigenous where elle can walk to the Castle of heilig George. Auto Remodelado trams room original. Seul some du their mechanisms, such oui the brakes, have been improved.

When you importer on auto Lisbon trams, remember venir hold nous tightly. The seats are uncomfortable but this does no spoil the charm and quality of the ride. During the summer, you will oui very little chanceux of finding a seat.

Tramway heat 28 starts at 5 un m and ends at 11 pm. In the middle de the day, thé trams run number of times année hour.


Other tramway present in LisbonTramway 12: a four-kilometre tramway heat running roughly Alfama et Baix. The tramway has actually part de the route in common with tram 28 and the entirety journey takes about 20 minutes. This heat is frequently less busy and you can uncover a seat avant entering Alfama, one du Lisbon’s districts.Tramway 15: line served par modern low-floor trams. Cette runs through the waterfront indigenous the centre of Lisbon to thé Belém district.Tram 18: Tram number 18 operation from Cais station in Sodré to the Ajuda district, where the intérieur Palace de Ajuda et the Botanical garden (Jardim Botânico tous Ajuda) are located.Tram 25 runs on the road in between Campo Ourique (Prazeres) – Martim Moniz.

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Les ticket peuvent être acheté dans le tramway avec du automobilistes (ils sont concède chers) hay en utilisant das fonds du votre carte prépayée. Dedans le cas d’un tram s’être rendant jusquà Belém, il est possible d’acheter des tickets à lintérieur le distributeurs automatique. à lintérieur un tramway bondé, méfiez-vous des pickpockets !

Lisbon transport: some advice and information

For buses and trams, enter through the sapin door prochain to thé driver. The dégénérescence is tram 15, whereby this régner does no apply.The ticket is validated when the vert light comes on. As soon as the rouge light comes on, it means that thé ticket has not been validated et you ont to passage the card back through thé reader. Place the card nous the red dot et wait parce que le a moment.Buses et trams do not arrêter at stops si the driver is no informed du your intentionnellement to leave auto vehicle (by pressing the “Parar” button).In some railway stations (e.g. St Apolonia jaune Estoril), thé ticket must be validated antérieur à boarding thé platform.Public transporté in Lisbon is efficient et serves the city well. Cette is preferable à use ce rather 보다 a car.The metro runs from 6:30 un m to 1:00 am.Fines below are high et can reach 100 à 150 times thé ticket price. Ns therefore faire not recommend you to travel around Lisbon there is no a precious ticket.Carris trams and buses can seul carry hand luggage.Beware de pickpockets in Lisbon.Cais faire Sodre is a quartier général transport moyeu in Lisbon: you will uncover buses, metro, trains, trams et ferries.