Ouvrir une ruche qui dit oui

La Ruche qui parlez Oui! (the hive that raffinement yes) is a marketplace that connects farmers to personnes who want farm fresh food in your kitchens et on your tables. Conditions météorologiques got to sait the lentreprise last winter when mien friends Simon et Toby native Mosaic introduced je to Marc-David Choukroun, one de the deux founders of la Ruche. The Gotham Gal et I were in Paris and we endroit up v Marc-David at a Ruche conditions météorologiques a saturday morning. Nous sipped coffee et talked to auto farmers and customers who were stopping passant par to choose up their weekly supply of meat, cheese, milk, eggs, vegetables, fruit, et bread. We were smitten.

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For years, hearyoutube.com has actually been nous the hunt à la a way to invest in auto “farm à table” marché sector. As you all know very well, conditions météorologiques believe in auto power ns networks to solve the challenging problems de our time. Et making high top quality farm new quality nourriture available at a reasonable price venir everyone is certainly one ns those an overwhelming problems. Thé most affordable nourriture is also auto most mass created and, generally, thé most unhealthy food. How can we get back to a time when the nourriture we eat is produced nearby, is high quality, et is healthy?

One means is à use the power of the network venir connect farmers et consumers. And many entrepreneurs ont been working nous this trouble over auto past twenty years. We oui met v most du them. Unfortunately, no many of them, until recently, mettre our audit of a lightweight, peer to peer, capital efficient, personnes powered network. We appel téléphonique these “thin networks” et we are drawn à them ont investors et as consumers.

La Ruche has been operation in France et Belgium pour the past 4 years. Their marketplace associate farmers, consumers, and, most importantly, master together venir form neighborhoods (Ruches jaune Assemblies) the come together oz a week venir exchange products, feedback, and friendships. This are communities in auto truest sense of the word. Ma colleague Nick went à a Ruche in paris last month et there was habitent music playing et people were hanging out enjoying thé lovely feather day. A neighborhood is auto thing that les Ruche’s marketplace software helps people create.

The entreprises model is simple. Consumer order the nourriture they want à pick up in advance and pay parce que le it. Thé farmer come to the community at auto designated time, to adjust up prochain to the est différent farmers, and delivers his or her products in person. The farmer keeps most de the money, but the host and La Ruche separation a small take rate à la facilitating the transaction. Cette is a win/win/win. Farmers make more money selling directly, consumers comprendre high quality products at reasonable prices, and the hosts do money for their effort to create thé community, recruit thé consumers, and curate auto farmers. Pour many hosts, the income they volonté from creating et running these neighborhoods helps pay auto bills, in the same way that selling conditions météorologiques Etsy can aid a family members make a little extra de largent each month venir make end meet.

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La Ruche has expanded to thé UK, Germany, Spain, and Italy recently. Thé communities room known as La Ruche qui parlez Oui! in France and Belgium; The food Assembly in thé UK et Germany, ¡La Colmena que dé Si! in Spain, L’alveare che dice Si! in Italy et Boeren & Buren in flemish Belgium. Through its recent extension in Europe, the network now has 100,000 positif customers, 4,500 locale producers, 700 communities. The lentreprise has 70 employees operating in six countries.

Over auto past 6 months, hearyoutube.com has operated with Marc-David and his companion Guilhem Cheron to put together thé right investor grouper to help les Ruche with their europe expansion. Les Ruche is a socially conscious commander driven company that worths farmers et communities et the needs du both as much as (or an ext than) thé pure lucratif motive. In thé US, they would certainly be a b Corporation. Et so they needed année investor group that to be aligned on that. I matin pleased et proud à say that they have succeeded in finding the investor group and hearyoutube.com is part ns it. Our partner in this adventure are Frederic meugler of félix Capital, present investor Rodolphe Menegaux and Xange, Eric Archambeau et Aymeric Jung de the social venture capital fund Quadia, et a couple of angel investors who room aligned with the company et its mission.

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If elle find yourself in France, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, or the UK in thé coming months, marche to ns Ruche and find a Ruche jaune Assembly and stop by et check ce out. That something venir see. Here’s a map that will certainly help tu find one near you.