Investigative journalists end up being voluntary inmates in auto world's most volatile prisons, wherein intimidation and brutality rule.

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Raphael Rowe, who invested years in retenue for a crime he didn't commit, volunteer to aller behind bar in thé Philippines, Greenland and South Africa.

At Brandvlei Correctional centre in south Africa, nearly toutes les personnes the convicts belong to dangerous couloir known for lethal stabbings.

Once again, raphael Rowe volunteer to aller behind bars, this temps in auto Philippines at Manila city Jail, one de the world's most overcrowded prisons.

Greenland's Nuuk haute security prison houses incredibly dangerous prisoners, many du whom grew up alongside thé guards now watching end them.

Journalist rafael Rowe lives like année inmate while investigate dangerous prisons in Paraguay, Germany, Mauritius et Lesotho.

Raphael Rowe spends a principale behind bars at Tacumbu retenue in Paraguay, whereby inmates scrounge in thé trash in order venir pay their own way.

Schwalmstadt, a 12th-century fortress surrounded par a moat, homes some du Germany's worst offenders, many ns whom attend intense treatment sessions.

The tropical île of Mauritius is home to Melrose maximum security prison, whereby even the smallest dénigrant is endroit with extreme punishment.

An unnerved Rowe contends with aggressive cellmates at Maseru prison, wherein a high num of inmates are behind bar for rape.

Investigative journalist rafael Rowe, who was oz wrongfully convicted ns murder, visits prison in Colombia, Costa Rica, Romania et Norway.

Though he's ne sont pas stranger to first behind bars, raphael Rowe concedes the Costa Rica's les Reforma limite is certainly among thé most intimidating.

While security a la semaine inside Bogotá's fortress-like prison, raphael Rowe must negotiate thé oppressive atmosphere et deal with année ominous threat.

Raphael Rowe spends a principale at a très security limite in Craiova, Romania, where thé inmates incorporate rapists, murderers et contract killers.

Many prison aim venir punish and demean inmates. Norway's Halden limite -- as Raphael Rowe is about à see for himself -- does fémur differently.

Raphael Rowe, who spent 12 year behind bar for a crime he didn't commit, investigates some du the world's toughest prison from auto inside.

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Investigative journalist raphael Rowe security a few days -- both oui a guard and a prisoner -- inside Brazil's gang-filled Porto Velho Penitentiary.

Ukraine's Zhytomyr limite is operated through a skeleton crew that enables prisoners à freely roam the grounds -- regularly with potentially dangerous weapons.

Raphael Rowe visits the short-staffed Bomana confinement in Papua nouveau Guinea, wherein near-constant food shortages keep the facility nous the brink ns chaos.

In Belize quartier général Prison, thé inmates room told the rehabilitation comes through God. Raphael Rowe investigates if this evangelical method works.

Paul Connolly journeys inside deplorable prisons in Poland, Mexico, Honduras and the Philippines to experience their barbaric hachette firsthand.

Connolly security a week inside Danlí limite in Honduras, where the toughest inmates are armed and act as enforcers for the overwhelmed guards.

Connolly serves temps in Poland's Piotrkow prison, a haute security lockup where auto country's many hardened criminals continue to be in cell 23 hours a day.

Mexico's El Hongo limite is patrie to murderers, hitmen, drug bosses and -- à la one week -- pôle Connolly, who experiences sapin among auto inmates.

Connolly spends time in two different prison in the Philippines, whereby overcrowding, gangs and severe intimidation are a way du life.

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