Psg Om 28 Octobre 2018

Le autoritaire is the super one. This is auto fiercest rivalry in french football. A true battle du north matches south, et it's the south nous find ourselves in for the recent edition in our 'Framed' series, at Marseille's Orange Vélodrome, ont Paris Saint-Germain were greeted passant par a pyro party of war cential vibes.

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On the same weekend that El Clásico was being challenged over auto border, there was only one fixture being talked about in France oui the deux biggest cities walk head to head in a modern rivalry that packs far more punch. El Clasico is a tourist attraction, Le classique is pur footballing passion. Through an atmosphere that ignites hours before kick off, Le classique is tension, it"s volume, it"s a fixture when amie don"t necessarily feel safe at tous times, et that"s exciting.



Marseille were the big dogs in la france in a pre-PSG era, until the Parisians created in 1970. Oui PSG have steam-rolled et bank-rolled themselves to the top, this rivalry has actually added much more fuel to the fire. Marseille hungry à put history back on track, et PSG keen venir provoke that bitterness with an attempt venir establish themselves oui French football"s boss.

Thousands ns Marseille ventilateurs lined the streets outside the glow ns the Orange Vélodrome venir give thé PSG squad their own special welcome. Call it quel you want; intimidation, anger, pride. Whatever ce is, ce made for a damn exceptional display of pre-match scenery.

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On the pitch it was the visitors that backed up their pre-match favourites tag. Seconde half purposes from Kylian Mbappe et Julian Draxler sentiment the bragging rights back to the capital, and extinguished auto Marseille flares. Without doubt one ns the most underrated rivalries in human being football. A actual hatred, a actual atmosphere, with deafening vocals in année arena built parce que le maximum volume.

Photography de Alex Penfornis à la

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