Have elle ever been venir a français “boulangerie” (bakery)? The french take their bread really seriously. A français “boulangerie” is nothing less than a large cornucopia of different small goods. Native pain à chocolate to baguettes over there will more than likely be an ext than one unknown item conditions météorologiques display. The formulation qu"est-ce que c"est , which means “what is it?” in french will serve tu well in situation like this.

In this post we’ll break down the expressions “qu’est-ce que c’est?”, teach elle about thé grammar behind it, and touch on the many situations in which tu can use this phrase.

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Qu’est-ce que il est Meaning

Many français learners ont trouble remembering et pronouncing qu"est-ce suite c"est at sapin or confuse ce with thé many other français questions that there are. Knowledge which components aller into the expressions can be beneficial at this stage.

Qu’ – auto “qu’” is actually the abbreviation of que, i m sorry means je vous demande pardon (at auto beginning de a question) jaune that. Nous skip it’s définitif “e” and replace cette with année apostrophe since the prochain part ns our phrase starts v a vowel as well.

Est – auto “est” simply way is. It’s auto third person present form de the verb être.

Ce – the “ce” means cette or that.

Que – tu might identify this from the tons one! It’s the full form du the abbreviated “qu’” that nous saw previously and in this case, way that.

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C’est – amie can most likely put together “c’est” from auto “ce” et “est” nous looked at before. Together cette means “it is”.

The literal meaning translation ns “qu’est cette que c’est” turns out à be “What is cette that ce is?”. Are amie more jaune less perplexed now than elle were five minute ago? non worries, if those psychiatrique gymnastics space too much for you merely remember, qu"est-ce suite c"est altogether seul means “what is it”?

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Why Qu’est-ce que c’est et not Qu’est-ce?

Now that you understand what components “qu’est-ce plus c’est” is composed of, amie might wonder why not simply use “qu’est-ce”?

If you pause down “qu’est-ce” cette would be translated to “What is it?” right? if this is technically true, it is hardly ever used in spoken or written language. The best way à look at it is expertise that tous questions in french use “est-ce que” (or est-ce qui) in between their question word (que, qui, ou, quand, comment) and their verb and object. Arrêter look at part examples:

Looking at these examples we understand that est-ce plus (or est-ce qui) is more du a placeholder than a literal meaning translation du “what is it?”. Therefore à say “what is it?” constantly opt for “qu’est-ce suite c’est?”.

Qu’est cette que avec Est-ce que

In your french studies elle might also have come across interroger which start with“est-ce que” such as the following:

Est-ce que tu as faim? – Are amie hungry?Est-ce qu’ elle est jusqu’à Paris? – Is she in Paris?Est-ce que accent frère amour les pommes? – Does your brother choose apples?Est-ce que est allé partir bientôt? – Are nous leaving soon?

We a été observé that these interroger don’t have a question word such as que, qui, ou, quand, comme? ou quoi at thé beginning du the sentence. “Est-ce que” in reality initiates a question to which tu can seulement un answer yes jaune no. In English these kinds du questions room initiated de the verb “to do” jaune “to be”. These examples also illustrate the point that we ont made in thé previous i – “est-ce que” isn’t a stand-alone translation à la “what is it?” cible rather a vehicle à la a des questions to launch.

Learn an ext about how to identify Qu’est ce que vs Est-ce que.

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C’est je vous demande pardon ça? vs Qu’est-ce que c’est?

Now nous know comment to speak “what is it?” cible what around when you want to ask pour one details thing? “What is THAT?” deserve to be directly translated à c’est quoi ça? you might oui already recognized that the question omits the “est-ce que” that generally goes right into a des questions between the question word and verb. While conditions météorologiques need this structure for exactement written et spoken language, many français speakers use abbreviated creates such ont “c’est qu’elle ça?” in an informal setting.. Allongons look at a few examples:

When tu might usage Qu’est-ce que c’est?

You deserve to use “qu’est cette que c’est” in a variety ns situations. Tu can ask for an unknown object, ajouter emphasis à your question, montré your disbelief or even show that you’re upset. Allongons look at a few examples below/

Ask for année unknown object

If tu are in a shop et don´t recognize an item jaune don’t à savoir what cette is you can usage “qu’est ce que c’est” venir ask for it. Si you space in a “boulangerie” and want to savoir what thé fluffy blanche dough is you can mission to it et say:

Qu’est ce que c’est, d’un brioche? – quel is that, a brioche?Qu’est cette que c’est, une portable? – je vous demande pardon is that, a phone?Qu’est cette que c’est, ns omelette? – je vous demande pardon is that, année omelette?

Add emphasis à a question

To ajouter emphasis venir a question, or expression, similar venir verbally including emphasis to “is” in the English “what IS it?” elle can use “qu’ est-ce suite c’est?”:

Qu’est-ce plus c’est l’amour? – what IS love?Qu’est-ce suite c’est les vie? – quel IS life?Qu’est-ce que c’est l’amitié? – quel IS friendship?

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Expressing doubts

If amie are stunned de your new french friends’ eating vêtements you can exprimer your doubts and disbelief v a well put “qu’est-ce suite c’est?”. Examine out auto following examples:

Qu’est ce que c’est dans accentue assiette?! – quel is that nous your plate?!Qu’est ce que c’est ces cuisses du grenouilles!? – what are this frog legs?!Qu’est ce que c’est ces huîtres!? – je vous demande pardon are this oysters?!

Expressing indignation

You can likewise use “qu’est cette que c’est” in a instance where in English tu would to speak “Excuse me?!” expressing her indignation. Look at this example:

Qu’est-ce suite c’est cette accusation?! – quel is that, this accusation?Qu’est cette que c’est ce ton que les gars utilises auprès moi?! – quel is the tone elle are using v me?!


Although “qu’est ce que c’est” doesn’t necessarily roll off the tongue easily, it’s an important and versatile expression which can open amie a beaucoup of doors with french speakers. It’s de nombreux to sait the difference between auto various espèce of français questions à avoid a pains faux-pas. Ont a français learner elle should absolutely include castle in your repertory early on on. As always, practice thé pronunciation by yourself, venir become an ext comfortable through it.

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Sarah was born et raised in Germany passant par a french mom and a polish dad. Languages are elle passion and education is elle purpose. She splits her tons between Germany and Honduras.