This Friday evening is transfer on la france 3 the documentaire `` A notre promises '', in which the director françois Goetghebeur adhered to Johnny Hallyday during a road pilgrimage in thé United states in 2016, a year before his death. This trip, filmed in black et white, was particularly important for auto rocker.


This Friday evening is transfer on france 3 the documentary "To our promises", in which thé director françois Goetghebeur complied with Johnny Hallyday throughout a road trip in thé United says in 2016, a year avant his death.

This trip, filmed in black et white, to be particularly significativement for auto rocker.

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In 2016, Johnny Hallyday decided venir go, with 4 friends, à la a motorcycle road trip across the United States.

He is followed in this escapade de the director françois Goetghebeur, who fabriquer a documentaire film: "To our promises" i m sorry is broadcast this Friday night on la france 3. A black and white film, punctuated par the testimonies of his friends and marked by the disease ns the rocker, almost a year antérieur à his death nous December 5, 2017.

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when Jean-Marie Périer accompanied Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan on their honeymoon

A pilgrimage "between friends"

This road trip was very considérable for Johnny Hallyday, surrounded by his closest friends.

"He didn"t want venir be polluted, cette wanted to do something friends. He wanted cette to be a group of guys", defines on leurope  1 the director du the film, francis Goetghebeur, known parce que le his documentaries et his portraits de artists.

"I claimed "OK" conditions météorologiques one condition: that there is non producer, ne sont pas order. Ns made my images telling myself that ns would check out well. It becomes really immersive due to the fact that I être really sure. A motorbike through them. And because there space not many du us ”.

Indeed, only were present on the roadways Johnny Hallyday, his four friends and the director.

All images are filmed without a camera, but with a black and white camera.

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Laeticia Hallyday presents "Her American dream", à discover Johnny"s America

Multiple tributes

"He talked about it toutes les personnes the time, about this roadway trip," francis Goetghebeur encore remembers about Johnny Hallyday, that sees it as an incarnation du the American dream.

"It to be a source ns pride not possible: he was more et more weakened, et being may be to parlez about this two et a half principale thing he had done through his friends, across the United States nous a motorcycle, cette was an action of bravery and good memories. "

Three years after his death, and as tributes multiply, this documentary is a pitié for ventilateurs of the rocker.

A tribute mass was additionally organized Wednesday at the church de the Madeleine, and had gathered dozens of inconsolable admirers.