You’ve probably heard about the Mr. Kitchen attach self-cooker. Cette is a robot released de Silvercrest, auto brand ns Lidl. This appliance walk on daller on 3 juin 2019 in all Lidl stores. However, due to the fact that this is a collaboration, stocks were very limited, which led to année almost instant stockout, and even a se presser in thé majority du stores.It is in this sense that Lidl relaunched thé fruitful collaboration at the end de December de offering auto robot cooker at the price de 359€. What’s more, when you buy a Mr. Nourriture Connect robot from Silvercrest, you will receive a cookbook through recipes. This is largely a paper dépense as toutes les personnes the recipes are combined into the numérique menu ns the robot et its large 7-inch touch screen. Small review in detail du the device.

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A multifunction robot

As its surname suggests, this robot cooker is how amazing versatile, supplying almost all of thé existing functions. In enhancement to auto manual mode, with personalised la gestion of auto appliance, the robot offers le3 specific modes which are thé kneading, seizing et steaming functions. à la the last mode, the robot is yielded with 2 steam bowls, une flat and one deep. The small tray will greatly be used pour non-bulky nourriture while the deep one could be used à la bulky products such as potatoes. Auto capacity de the trays is designed parce que le dishes de up venir 6 people. Past that, elle will oui no choice but to perform the operation in 2 steps.

In addition to thé 2 heavy steam trays, thé robot is ceded with several divers accessories:

A main cooking bowl : The henchmen cooking bowl has actually a capacity de 4.5 litres et can be filled increase to le3 litres. It is fabriquer of stainless steel, et is equipped through a chopper that can be gotten rid of using the system underneath the bowl.A steam basket: Intended à be inserted above thé cooking bowl, auto steam basket can be tackled with a spatula provided, venir avoid any burning.A whisk and a spatula: remarque that the spatula is contempt rigid, i m sorry makes any type of scraping operation less effective.A measure cup: This has deux functions: ont a measure up cup et as a lid pour the food preparation bowl. Thé manufacturer has likewise installed a locking system on ce to prevent it from coming off when tu want to remove the lid.

As amie can see, thé robot is complete, and it’s a genuine success. Thé product is reasonably ergonomic although imposing. However, this have the right to be explained de the container which has been revised upwards in order to be suitable à la a family du 6 people.

Practicality in everyday sapin in order venir make an excellent recipes

Sometimes we all wonder quel to do with leftover ingredient in the fridge. V Silvercrest’s press cooker, over there is a function where you can enter thé name ns the ingredient in question. The auto-cooker will instantly suggest a recipe accordingly.Another handy function is thé search function. Just enter année ingredient name and the multi-function nourriture processor will screen a perform of all the recipes you can make with thé ingredient. Moreover, elle will also be able venir filter according to the type of dishes (starters, appetizers, dessert, henchmen course, etc.) in stimulate to better target your recipe search.

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In addition, auto robot is connected to wifi, which means that as soon ont the manufacturer update its recipes, you will automatically receive them on your multifunction robot. Indeed, castle will toutes les personnes be integrated in the novelty section. So faire not hesitate venir consult the partie in order venir make new recipes.

On thé cooking side, the robot also allows you venir set thé temperature oui you wish. This option is really practical, especially à la growing the dough and activating auto baker’s yeast. Parce que le example, amie can collection the nourriture processor straight to auto recommended temperature venir activate thé properties ns the yeast et put your dough in frais conditions. Indeed, since it is closed, auto robot deserve to maintain auto desired temperature, which permits you venir obtain a perfect dough.

Also, the machine has actually a safety role that stops it immediately si it overheats or si elements are incorrectly installed. Best therefore to preserve the life of thé machine, and to avoid any kind of disaster in boîte of non-supervision.Finally, in enhancement to all of the above functions, amie have année integrated scale. Tu will climate be may be to ajouter the essential quantities instantly with auto robot. Indeed, each temps you ajouter an ingredient, elle can reset her scale to 0 with auto tare function. This loption makes this robot even an ext complete than cette is.

In short, in order à make her recipes, you only need à follow thé recipes to auto letter, and in particular thé cooking times or quantities required. Thé robot has been designed venir make your du quotidien work easier.

The few negative points that won’t interfere with daily use

Although the balance paper is an extremely positive, over there are toujours a few negative points to be noted. Une example is the availability ns spare parts. Indeed, auto latter seem venir be in quick supply from the manufacturer.

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As far as storage is concerned, its cumbersome la nature can also hinder part users conditions météorologiques a tous les jours basis. This is why cette is encourage that it be placed permanently on the worktop et not moved.

Detail de the device

In bespeak to meilleur understand thé functions ns the device, here is année exploded view of the various parts du the robot: