Saint-Palais Sur Mer

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Resort de character, bordering thé Atlantic, close to Royan, in a soft climate and sunny ...

Large pine tree forests, five sablonneux beaches, neighborhoods, the beau Epoque villas under a ciel still glowing ...

The punch et passion of a great summer resort! Young and vibrant, Saint-Palais-sur-mer is lively and punctuated de numerous events and activities suitable à la everyone.

Its sweet of first in toutes les personnes seasons is a cible of choice for weekends and short holidays with friends jaune family ...

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Vacation rentals in thé Charente-Maritime
Find a good selection of ideas pour your holidays! get inspired et compare offers.
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Geographical information

MunicipalityPostcodeTourism labelsLatitudeLongitudeSurface areaPopulationDensityPrefectureInsee codeIntercommunalityDepartmentTerritoryRegion
45.6333325 (N 45° 37’ 60”)
-1.0833314 (W 1° 4’ 60”)
15.69 km²
4010 inhabitants
255 inhabitants/km²
La Rochelle (78km, 1h19)
CA Royan Atlantique

Nearest cities & towns

Vaux-sur-MerRoyanBreuilletSaint-AugustinSaint-Sulpice-de-RoyanLa PalmyreSaint-Georges-de-DidonneMornac-sur-SeudreL"ÉguilleChaillevetteÉtaulesLes MathesMédisLe Verdon-sur-Mer
4.8km (11 min)
4.9km (10 min)
9.4km (16 min)
9.5km (14 min)
9.5km (16 min)
10.7km (17 min)
12.6km (20 min)
13km (23 min)
14km (19 min)
14km (27 min)
14.2km (22 min)
14.3km (20 min)
14.5km (19 min)
15.2km (52 min)

Things to see and do

> Sound Romanesque church of the twelfth century et its villages, old homes ns farmers et winemakers.

> its squares recognized heritage of thé Charente-Maritime and soul du Saint-Palais.

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> Raymond Recreation Vignes thé park, ideal parce que le a peaceful and shaded promenade around the lake.

> that neighborhoods belle Epoque villas with sumptuous communities in Platin or Nauzan.

> His legendary rock i m sorry forms auto curious toujours astonish.

> thé path ns the tradition footpath traversing the côte of course.

The sailing school:

> auto sailing écoles Saint-Palais-sur-Mer is affiliated through the french Sailing federation since 1992 and the French syndicat of sand yachting because 2000. Different formulas space proposed with internships, tutoring jaune rental property. Tu can easily access from the age of 5 years to practice several tasks such ont the optimist, catamaran, windsurfing, sand yachting. The coaching courses, private et group great is provided by holders monitors State Patent and qualified instructors de the french Sailing Federation et the French federation of sand yachting. Three suitable emplacements are available venir you.

> nous the beach Nauzan in summer, 7 days conditions météorologiques 7: routine courses, Sea Garden et equipment rental, holiday tous Saints, Winter and Easter (Pipas courses and Catamaran 15 feet). Indigenous September à mid-November, sailing lessons à la children in primary schools in Royan. Information: Tel.: +33 5 46 23 28 10 in July-August / +33 5 46 23 57 03 September-June

> conditions météorologiques the beach de La gros Côte, February-October 5 days out du 7: Internship routine land yachting.

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> conditions météorologiques Lake Park Raymond Vineyards, in April-June: life sailing lessons parce que le children in main schools in Royan.