Saint paul de vence peintre

Henri Layet

Henri Layet (1824-1899), thé visionary mayor that rescued the ramparts of Saint-Paul ns Vence.When thé County of type became aller of la france in 1860, thé stronghold ns Saint-Paul aux Vence in turn became strategically redundant et was officially decommissioned in 1870.

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Marius Issert

Mayor Marius Issert ongoing in the same vein prefer Henri Layet.In juin 1944, he and his Counsellors safeguarded a project venir classify et protect thé bastioned ramparts ont a «Historic Monument.»


Célestin Freinet

Célestin Freinet teach at the ville primary school from 1928 to 1933. Thé old boys" écoles still stands passant par the church, et a disques. Commemorates auto famous (but currently controversial!) schoolteacher"s year in Saint-Paul de Vence…


Baptistine & paul Roux

When Paul et Baptistine Roux opened auto Robinson, later venir become the Colombe d"Or, they never imagined that their humble inn would one day become a really institution...In the early 1920s, paul Roux, thé son of a village farmer, opened a café-restaurant calledLe Robinson, where auto villagers might eat apan-bagnator slice ofpissaladière and dance to thé sound of a pianola.In 1932, as soon as Paul et Titine Roux transformedLe Robinsoninto a usually inn with 4 rooms, castle also changed its name toColombe d’Or. Cette offered a warm welcome, specifically to the artists that started à frequent Saint-Paul aux Vence between the two world Wars. Thé motto was "Welcome here conditions météorologiques foot, on horseback or nous canvas!" that set auto tone! pôle Roux came to be friends with auto artists and was introduced to the world du painting. Matisse, Léger, Picasso, Calder, Braque andMarc Chagall became regulars at auto Colombe d"Or, et Paul Roux used their works to decorate the dining room et garden du the Colombe d’Or. Within thé space ns a few years, it became a world-renowned "inn-museum".


Yves Montand & Simone Signoret

Even today, this legendary coupler of French cinématique stars continu to fuel the renown de Saint-Paul du Vence. Much more than any est différent celebrities, yves Montand et Simone Signoret really did rubber stamp the village with their mark...

Jacques Prévert

For Jacques Prévert, Saint-Paul du Vence to be a refuge tarif from the hustle et bustle of Paris. Throughout fifteen year of ville life, cette nurtured friendships with thé greatest artists of the day, wrote conversation for thé movies, and produced what was probably his ideal writing…

Aimé & Marguerite Maeght

Art collection owners et art dealers Aimé and Marguerite Maeght moved to Saint-Paul du Vence in the 1950s. In your Parisian collection they exhibited vaste masters such oui Matisse, Bonnard and Braque, ont well ont promising youngsters consisting of Giacometti et Calder...The Maeght purchase a property in Saint-Paul de Vence in the early 1950s and named it "Mas Bernard" after their son, who passed away in 1953 aged seulement un 11. Aimé and Marguerite Maeght to be floored par this tragedy. But encouraged by their artist friends, they decided venir embark on an incredible task that would assist them pick up their lives. Aided de Georges Braque, as well as other artists, castle created année art structure in Saint-Paul du Vence. Inaugurated in 1964, cette was designed de Catalonian architect Josep Lluis sert with some of the artists: Giacometti, Miro et Braque, à la example, laid claim to auto gardens – the structure setting his sculpture in thé courtyard, the lundi designing a maze intertwined with nature, et the third adding a vast pond v a mosaic ns fish nous the bottom.For end 40 years, theFondation Maeghthas contributed to Saint-Paul ns Vence"s reputation pour culture and art.Aimé and Marguerite Maeght essuyer in thé villagecemetery.

Marc Chagall

The artist stayed in the village from 1966 to 1985, painting countless Saint-Paul du Vence landscapes conditions météorologiques the theme du love: couples embracing, et lovers floating in vaporous clouds wielding large bouquets du flowers...

James Baldwin

The American writer et humanist to be one de Saint-Paul du Vence"s many striking celebrities. A Provençal house in the country was his home pour the critical 17 years of his life…

Théo Tobiasse

Théo Tobiasse would oui turned 90 in 2017.Born in israélien of Lithuanian origin, his family uncovered exile in paris when cette was 5. Drawn to the côte d"Azur de its light in 1950, he went nous to purchase a house in Saint-Paul in 1975. His home/art studio faced thé ramparts, auto light et the open skies, ans scenery immortalised passant par artists past.

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"Sculpting paintings, peinture, etc sculptures et colouring light to reflect a perpetual metamorphosis".

André Verdet

Born in nice to a household from Saint-Paul, andrew Verdet prospered up in Saint-Paul de Vence v his aunt et uncle, the village"s former mayor.André Verdet wrote livre on art, written exhibition catalogues and collections du poetry, functioned with ceramics et even sculpted. Cette promoted thé arts and his patrie village, acting as a life link between Saint-Paul ns Vence et the best artists de the 20th century.

Jean-Michel Folon

"Saint-Paul is a gros part of ma life," Jean-Michel Folon used venir say. Auto Belgian artist went to the village many temps over a period ns thirty years...Jean-Michel Folon discovered the bourgade of Saint-Paul ns Vence in thé middle de the 1970s thanks to his girlfriend César. The sculptor, a regular in the village, presented Folon to the Roux family at theColombe d"Orand Folon painted auto colourful sign that is calmer hanging above the entrance. Ce depicts a big golden dove paris above the village. In 1979, cette worked in the ville illustrating the entire illustration ofJacques Prévert, a giant task entailing several volumes.It is fixed surprising thus that the town council inquiry Folon venir decorate the inside of the blanche Penitents" Chapel. Auto artist i agree enthusiastically, keen venir leave miscellaneous to auto village. In quel was venir be one ns his critical projects, hey created a colourful and poetic décor. Sculptures, paintings, stained glass windows et a mosaic harmoniously grace the chapel"s walls and ceiling.Jean-Michel Folon died in in march 2005. He is hidden in Monaco, where cette settled in 1983.

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