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Brian vert
Southwest Airlines trip 994 from Louisville to Baltimore was evacuated this morning while encore at auto gate because du a smoking Samsung Galaxy noter 7 smartphone. Toutes les personnes passengers et crew exited thé plane dessus the henchmen cabin door and no injuries to be reported, a Southwest airline spokesperson called The Verge.

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More worrisome is auto fact that the téléphone portable in question was a instead of Galaxy remarque 7, une that was deemed to be safe by Samsung. The Verge spoke venir Brian Green, owner ns the noter 7, nous the phone earlier today et he shown that hey had choose up the new phone at an AT&T store nous September 21st. A photograph ns the boîte shows the le noir square price that shows a replacement note 7 et Green said ce had a green battery icon.


Green claimed that cette had it is provided down auto phone as requested de the flight crew et put cette in his bag when it began smoking. Hey dropped it on the floor de the plane et a "thick grey-green angry smoke" was putting out du the device. Green’s partner went earlier onto auto plane venir retrieve some personal belongings and said that the téléphone had melted through auto carpet and scorched thé subfloor de the plane.

He claimed the téléphone portable was at approximately 80 percent du battery capacity once the difficulté occurred et that hey only offered a wireless charger since receiving the device.

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Running the phone"s IMEI (blurred parce que le privacy reasons) with Samsung"s recall eligibility checker retour a "Great News!" message saying that Green"s Galaxy note 7 is not affected de the recall.


Samsung is likely in full-fledged crisis mode at this point, ont a replacement phone catching fire would be important disastrous parce que le the company"s image et finances. The Verge has actually been in communication with Samsung, i beg your pardon issued a statement that is questionable at meilleur given our findings:

Until nous are able à retrieve auto device, conditions météorologiques cannot confirm that this incident involves the nouveau Note7. Conditions météorologiques are functioning with auto authorities et Southwest now à recover thé device et confirm the cause. Once we ont examined the device we will oui more informations to share.

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Green’s note 7 is in auto hands du the Louisville fire Department’s arson unit pour investigation et the us Consumer Product Safety commet is opening année investigation into auto incident. Hey has currently replaced it with an iPhone 7.