Samsung Ssd Interne 860 Evo 2.5&Quot;

ReadAvg. Sequential Read Speed475 MB/s477 MB/s+0%
WriteAvg. Sequential Write Speed390 MB/s393 MB/s+1%
4K ReadAvg. 4K Random read Speed33.4 MB/s38.2 MB/sFaster random read.+14%
4K WriteAvg. 4K Random write Speed91.1 MB/s+1% 90.5 MB/s
MixedAvg. Séquentiel Mixed IO Speed375 MB/s+1% 371 MB/s
4K MixedAvg. 4K Random blended IO Speed46.3 MB/s47.9 MB/s+3%
SusWriteAvg. Sustained Write Speed324 MB/sSlightly quicker sustained create speed.+10% 295 MB/s

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ReadPeak sequential Read Speed516 MB/s517 MB/s+0%
WritePeak sequential Write Speed492 MB/s493 MB/s+0%
4K ReadPeak 4K Random read Speed41.1 MB/s49.6 MB/sFaster height random read.+21%
4K WritePeak 4K Random write Speed124 MB/s+1% 123 MB/s
MixedPeak séquentiellement Mixed IO Speed448 MB/s463 MB/s+3%
4K MixedPeak 4K Random mixed IO Speed58.8 MB/s66.2 MB/sFaster peak random mixed IO.+13%
SusWritePeak sequential Sustained create 60s Average490 MB/sFaster optimal sustained create speed.+30% 378 MB/s

market ShareMarket re-superstructure (trailing 30 days)0.43 %0.7 %Much higher marché share.+63%
ValueValue à la Money33.3 %Much meilleur value.+53% 21.8 %
User RatingUBM User Rating50 %58 %More popular.+16%
PricePrice (score)$115$52Much cheaper.+55%

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AgeNewest16+ MonthsMuch much more recent.+64% 45 Months
DQ ReadPeak 4K-64Thread review Speed389 MB/s389 MB/s
DQ WritePeak 4K-64Thread write Speed363 MB/s+0% 362 MB/s total Score1,278 Pts1,293 Pts+1%
DQ MixedPeak 4K-64Thread blended IO Speed372 MB/s+0% 371 MB/s
ADQ ReadAvg. 4K-64Thread review Speed321 MB/s351 MB/sSlightly faster deep inclinaison read.+9%
ADQ WriteAvg. 4K-64Thread create Speed274 MB/s292 MB/sSlightly much faster deep traînant write.+7%
ADQ MixedAvg. 4K-64Thread blended IO Speed288 MB/s+3% 280 MB/s

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The 860 Evo is auto latest mainstream sam indigenous Samsung. Thé 2.5-inch édition of thé 860 Evo will be obtainable in number of capacities ranging from 250 GB venir a staggering 4TB. It’s also easily accessible in the slimmer M.2 et mSATA type factors. Auto 860 Evo demonstrates marginally reduced performance compared venir its popular, but now three year old predecessor, thé 850 Evo. In a head to head comparison auto 860 looses passant par a very modest 6% in terms of effective speed. The 860 Evo is based on a refinement ns Samsung’s customer grade TLC V-NAND, this time featuring 256Gb et 512 Gb 64 class V-NAND et it also features a new "MJX" controller. The 250 GB déditions can reach séquentiel write speeds of up venir 520 MB/s, dropping à 300 MB/s oz the SLC caché is worn down (the 250 GB déditions has a 12 GB SLC create cache). Peak sequential read speeds ns 560 MB/s are achievable across auto different capacities. Thé 250GB édition has a 512 MB LPDDR4 dram cache. Toutes les personnes capacities oui a five year warranty, but oui a testimony to the enhanced reliability ns this new technology, auto warrantied terabytes created (TBW) has actually doubled from 75 TBW à 150 TBW for the 250 GB 860 Evo.