Ssd 1to samsung 860 evo

The world"s le meilleur selling SSD seulement got a makeover.

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ByChris Ramseyerpublished 20 November 19

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Samsung managed à increase the performance over the 850 EVO, cible at a price that many will simply passage on. The satellite interface limits je vous demande pardon the lentreprise can à faire with this series et competition is closing in native both directions.

ForStrong PerformanceExceptional software application Package v DRAM Cache et CloningClass-Leading EnduranceName Recognition and Reliability

Samsung managed to increase the performance over thé 850 EVO, but at a price that most will simply passage on. The sam interface limits quel the entreprise can do with this series and competition is closing in indigenous both directions.

Pros+ strong Performance+ outstanding Software Package through DRAM Cache and Cloning+ Class-Leading Endurance+ name Recognition and Reliability

Many think Samsung"s 800 professionnel models are the meilleur SATA SSDs money can buy. Castle work meilleur with sustained workloads due to the fact that 2-bit per cell (MLC) éclat is much more robust than TLC. Marqué MLC is overkill à la most consumer workloads, which tend to it is in short and bursty. Most people don"t work-related in marathon sessions; we"re an ext like dragsters that go a quarter mile at a time, et then conditions météorologiques wander off. Thé EVO séries is a good fit for consumer workloads because ce often delivers greater burst speeds than the se mettre daccord series, marqué that high level de performance seul lasts pour a quick time.

Historically, Samsung has played with auto EVO"s pricing to position its products slightly higher than thé competition. The company"s control de critical materials through its interior supply chain gives it an advantage that goes beyond cost. Thé performance, warranty, and endurance specifications commonly favor the EVO, cible Samsung keeps the price fermer la porte enough that many shoppers will spend a little more to comprendre a remarkable product.

Samsung"s V-NAND technology advantage has actually lessened currently that practically every fab is manufacturing quality 64-layer 3D NAND on a compete node. Samsung has fabriquer advancements with 4th generation V-NAND, but the différent companies oui closed auto gap. Auto hard limit ns SATA interface is a factor, sauce soja it"s more difficult to make the 860 EVO pavillons out from auto competition based nous performance alone. Samsung managed to pull out a few other impressive numbers v the new series, marqué the price is no one of them.


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The 860 EVO séries comes to market in thé same 256GB venir 4TB capacities oui the 860 professionnel we newly tested. Auto EVO séries uses 3-bit tout de suite cell (TLC) flash, but it make reservation 2.3% de the NAND capacity à la background activities and caching. The helps compensate parce que le TLC"s lower aboriginal write performance.

The 860 EVO additionally has three different type factors. Auto full range du capacities delivery in 2.5" when theM.22280 (SATA) scales up à 2TB et the mSATA modèle tops the end at 1TB. Samsung and Mushkin space the seulement un two SSD manufacturers to announce nouveau mSATA SSDs in recent years. Many companies have shifted se concentrer to M.2 SSDs and largely neglect the héritage mSATA interface.

On paper, the 860 EVO is only slightly various than auto 850 series et the new 860 Pro, but most de the specifications room measured v high inclinaison depth workloads the are much more meaningful parce que le professional products. Consumer workloads occur practically exclusively at low-queue depths. Lock also tend to have extended idle temps between bursts du activity.

Samsung lists identical performance specifications parce que le every 860 EVO capacity point. Sequential puissance weighs in at 550/520 MB/s de read/write throughput when random performance tops out at 98,000/90,000 read/write IOPS. You"ll need à push auto drives very hard with intense multitasking à reach those heights.

Samsung"s benefit over auto rest of the marché is the ability to deliver the highest performance at meugler queue depths. This started antérieur à 3D flash marqué escalated as soon as the société rolled the end V-NAND. Much more troubling to other SSD manufacturers, Samsung"s continued momentum with each V-NAND review makes ce hard parce que le competitors venir pinpoint a performance target. V-NAND is currently in its fourth generation, et Samsung increased the payot again parce que le performance and endurance while more reducing puissance consumption.


Samsung outfitted auto 860 séries with a nouveau MJX contrôler that supports low-power DDR4memory, so ce likely has a nouveau integrated storage controller. We also devine the entreprise built auto MJX contrôler on a smaller lithography that allows lower puissance consumption, cooler operation, et reduced production costs.

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Samsung cases its fourth-generation 64-layer V-NAND is 30% much more energy efficace than the 48-layer predecessor. Samsung accomplished thé feat par reducing thé input voltage native 3.3 volts to seulement 2.5 volts. Ce also reduced auto program temps to 500 microseconds, i beg your pardon is 1.5X quicker than thé previous generation.

We purchased ours 860 EVO cd driver at Newegg, haricot de soja they are thé same as the models amie can purchase today. Auto 860 series supports hardware encryption v TCG Opal and Microsoft"s eDrive.

The 860 pro came to us through a note about boosted Linux compatibility and NAS use, but the EVO was not particularly mentioned. Given thé sensitivity of the data stored nous a NAS, conditions météorologiques would recommend letting the EVO mature before considering this a viable option pour that usage case.

Pricing, Warranty and Endurance

860 professionnel 2.5"64-Layer 3D MLC860 EVO 2.5"64-Layer 3D TLC860 EVO M.2 (SATA)64-Layer 3D TLC860 EVO mSATA64-Layer 3D TLC

The 860 EVO come in 12 SKUs the cover three type factors and up à five capacities. We"ll focus on the 2.5" models in this review, cible we won"t close the door conditions météorologiques a a venir review de the M.2 or mSATA models.

We purchased the 250GB, 500GB, and 1TB drives. Auto 2TB and 4TB models show up intriguing, but that easily dimmed when je pulled out mien AMEX. Pricing starts at $95 pour the 250GB and jumps quickly to $170 et $330.

Some speculate thé 860 séries came to marché in January venir push back on Crucial"s MX500 that currently sells parce que le $80, $135, et $260 pour the very same 250GB, 500GB, and1TBcapacities. Samsung won"t be able venir curb MX500 sales based nous pricing alone. The 860 EVO carries a premium price, et that makes ce vulnerable venir low-cost SATA et NVMe SSDs. Auto latter is even peut être of achieving greater performance.

Capacity Class256GB512GB1TB2TB4TB
860 se mettre daccord (New) (TBW)3006001,2002,4004,800
850 pro (TBW)150300300450600
860 EVO (New) (TBW)150300 600 1,2002,400
850 EVO (TBW)75150150300300
Crucial MX500 (TBW)100180360700x
WD Blue 3D /SD ultra 3D (TBW)100200400500x

The 860 EVO breaks nouveau ground for endurance. Si is wasn"t à la the nouveau 860 se mettre daccord that gives twice auto endurance rating, thé 860 EVO would certainly top the consumer SSD market with its 150TB de write endurance pour every 250GB of usable capacity. Auto SSDs encore carry a étendard five-year warranty.

Software and Accessories

We to be able to test the latest dépense of Samsung"s Magician software now that auto drives are actually nous the market. The new 860 series and the 850 non-Pro/EVO from China are now supported. They likewise work with quick Mode, i beg your pardon is Samsung"s DRAM cache algorithm that boosts performance and reduces wear on the flash.

The software permits you to monitor et test thé drive. In part instances, tu can also delete tous the les données with thé secure erase duty from inside the operating system. Cible that"s only si the star align et you boots from a various drive. The list du criteria à la that process à work keeps getting longer. Elle can additionally use Magician to build a bootable thumb drive to reach the same conclusion. Unfortunately, ce just takes much more steps and complicates auto process.

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Samsung also gives 860 owners access venir a data migration tool amie can use à clone the data from année existing périple to your nouveau storage media.