Timbres italiens les plus chers

L'erreur sicilienne des couleurs, 1859

Le cachet L"erreur sicilienne des couleurs émis en 1859 orient le timbre en caoutchouc le plus remarquable ns l"histoire philatélique italienne. Ce timbre est si cher en raison d"une erreur du couleur: il devait un m imprimé en jaune, mais convoque des raisons inconnues, les objets ont lété produits en bleu. Esquive experts affirment que seuls de toi exemplaires du ce timbre vintage ont réussi à survivre. Esquive deux copie ont lété présentés lors de l"exposition philatélique aux Manchester en 1899. Par les suite, ces objets aux collection unique ont été séparés rang ont lété proposés aux auctions comme fabriquer partie d"une félicitations collection Ferrary. La grande valeur aux ce timbre s"explique en outre par son lâge impressionnant. Bon que le timbre en caoutchouc L"erreur du couleur sicilienne soit si ancien, cette a été tenu dans une très pauvres état. Ce cachet vintage maximum désirable est apparu lors du la vendre aux les enchères Dreyfus qui a dériver lieu en juin 2011. Le timbre en caoutchouc a lété martelé jusquà 1,8 million d"euros (environ $2,6 millions). Ns lot a été acheté par une enchérisseur en ligne des États-Unis.

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Tuscany 4 Crazie rubber stamp with en arrière value tablet, 1857

The Tuscany 4 Crazie with inverted value tablet computer is hardly ever traded and seldom exhibited, et it is mostly unknown to collectors de World Classics. Over there is ne sont pas question of its absolute uniqueness, its authenticity or its sens to Italian and to world-wide philately. The 1857 issue of Tuscany was typographed using typical frame et vignette elements, with seulement un the value tablets changing venir create various denominations. Parce que le a small part of one printing du the 4 Crazie value, the value tablet pour one position, was inverted. The unicité feature du this stamp is that cette is totally sound. Ne sont pas other stamp du Tuscany is recognized with a similar error. Cette was auctioned parce que le $184,612 passant par David Feldman on may 22, 2010.


Lombardy & Venetia 5c jaune ochre, 1850

1850 5c yellow-ochre stamp is regularly described ont "the can be fried rarity of Lombardy & Venetia". Over there are only two known examples where auto reverse spectacles parts ns two further stamp impressions, inverser in branchement to the original. This dunicité philatelic item was issued in thé time of Lombardy-Venetia that once was a kingdom in thé north du Italy. Return Lombardy-Venetia to be a part ns Austrian empire at the time, thé stamp is denominated in centesimi. A fresh example de 1850 5c yellow-ochre stamp was sold for $78,099 at universel Philatelic enchères sale that took place conditions météorologiques Dec. 22, 2014.


Italian Levant airmail, 1922

Italian Levant airmail is regarded oui a considerable rarity de many, with seul five examples known. Auto stamp was issued in Constantinople à la a planned flight from Bucharest venir Paris. Because of the closure of toutes les personnes Foreign Post bureau within Turkey, the sortir was aborted et nearly all examples du this stamp were destroyed and burnt. Italian Levant airmail was offered pour $70,000 de Cherrystone at that is auction the took place nous March 20-21, 2018. This instance with distinct “Servizio carte postale Aereo” overprint featured a “large part original gum, brillants color, typical slight ageing”.


Balbo Triptychs, 1933

1933 Balbo Triptychs is one du the most extraordinary sets du Italian airmail stamps. This philatelic item to be issued in 1933 by Italy venir commemorate a unique Trans-Atlantic flight that to be led de General Italo Balbo. Cette flew from rome to Chicago where auto World"s Fair was being held. The triptych consisted du a registered aviation express label, a regular postage stamp and année airmail stamp. Because du their high price, these stamps to be not really popular among philatelists as a complete collection had à include 20 sets ns the two triptychs. Nowadays 1933 Balbo Triptychs is much sought after, perhaps pour the very same reason. A pair de two 1933 Balbo Triptychs was sold for $55,000 at Cherrystone auction in September, 2013.

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2/DOLLARI/Pechino surcharge conditions météorologiques 5L Ultramarine et rose, 1919

2/DOLLARI/Pechino surcharge nous 5L Ultramarine et rose is a phenomenal stamp du the bureau in Peking through this exceptionally rare belles of surcharge with toutes les personnes capital letters in "DOLLARI”. The most common frais of Peking to be made de adding a surcharge with "dollari" in lower boîte to an already overprinted stamp à la Peking from the previous issue. In auto same year ns 1919 this unique type with "DOLLARI" in tous capital letter was produced. The final joli was developed in 1920 being comparable to the first joli with tous letters reduced case, marqué in this exemple both auto surcharge et the Peking overprint were tous one handstamp which made "Pechino" shorter. Thé lowercase types de the Two dollar value are significativement philatelic issues du the Italian Offices, marqué the joli with all capital letters in "DOLLARI" is a surtout rarity there is no equal. Seul fifteen stamps space known, both in mint et used condition. One du the ideal specimens was sold parce que le $40,000 at Spink auction nous January 29, 2008.

Gronchi Rosa stamp, 1961

The Gronchi Rosa jaune Lilac is an iconic contemporary day philatelic error, highly sought after de collectors du the Italian area. Thé stamp was dubbed after Giovanni Gronchi, who was chosen President of the Republic in 1955. He was the tons Catholic politician venir become Head de the Italian State. Thé stamp was a part ns 1961 issue à la the voyage du President Giovanni Gronchi venir three south American countries. Gronchi to be scheduled venir stop passant par Argentina, Uruguay et Peru, et the stamps dedicated à each destination were valued at 170, 185 and 205 compréhension écrite respectively. Thé stamps ended up being legendary because ns Peru’s boundaries. The concepteur mis-drew thé borders de Peru nous the 205L stamp and as a result thé item was withdrawn the day after issue. Thé replacement with the exactement borders was published in grey and issued nous the 6th de April. Peru’s boundaries make auto “Gronchi Rosa” stamp a an useful collector’s item the is currently worth approximately $31,171.

1c Olive vert without "Estero" overprint, 1874

Italy did something with the normal issues for the des bureaux in Levant that is quite unique. It was usual pour other countries à apply the overprint to regular stamps, but Italy decided sapin to alter auto designs ns the stamps in small ways, print new items et only climate apply the overprints. In such a means 1c Olive green stamp appeared. Ce featured au sens propre white squares with a dot in them. The rarity de this stamp is explained par the truth that its brouillon was altered, but for some reason thé item failed à receive année overprint. 1874 1c Olive green, without "Estero" overprint is a fantastically rare mint example ns this very extraordinary Italian rubber stamp issue. Auto item features année excellent centering with perforations well clear of the design tous around, bright new color and in very fine condition. Very couple of examples of any ns these room known. Thé specimen de this impressive philatelic sortir was sold for $16,000 at Spink conditions météorologiques January 29, 2008.

10L blue et brown, en arrière numeral, 1870

1870 10L blue et brown, inverted numeral is a rare unused example ns the inverser numeral error du the Ten lira 1870 Postage périmé issue. There are a great alors of the used examples, which space common et not really expensive. The unused stamps are more interesting et valuable. According to thé Sassone Catalog seul three instances survived; and tous of them are without gum. Année incomparably scarce unused specimen de the inverted numeral error de the Ten lira 1870 Postage en raison de issue to be sold pour $15,000 at Spink auction conditions météorologiques January 29, 2008. Auto lot avec attractive, gorgeous rich colors is année astounding inverted center rarity ns Italy that hardly ever appears conditions météorologiques the market.

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50c ocher and carmine, en arrière numeral, 1870

1870 50c ocher et carmine, inverted numeral is auto phenomenally rare error ns the early on postage tandis que printing. Collectors have to pay type to thé fact the 50c Orange and carmine with inverted numeral issued in 1890 is fairly common et not as sought after oui its predecessor. Over there are plenty of differences in between these issues: thé shades vary enough to make the délimitations easy, thé numerals are different nous the high worths between auto two printings etc. It is no known how many 1870 50c Ocher et carmine inversé numerals survived, marqué this rubber stamp is definitely a great postage due rarity ns Italy et of thé entire world. One du the specimens of this outstanding philatelic item caractéristique attractive colour, mince centering and exceptional d’origine gum quality, was auctioned parce que le $9,500 at Spink nous January 29, 2008.