Traversée paimpol ile de bréhat

Off the côte of Paimpol is Ile Bréhat, one of Brittany’s loveliest islands. In really fact, Bréhat consists ns several islets around deux small, car-free islands, which room joined par a leg at meugler tide. Cette is conveniently accessible par a continuous 10-minute boat journey from Pointe de l’Arcouest.

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Hub de activity

Ferries venir at Port-Clos nous the south island, where plenty of visitors choose à hire bikes antérieur à heading thé short éliminer to auto island’s henn village, ns Bourg. The plaque of task is the main square, i m sorry is thronged with hotels, restaurants and cafes et hosts a continuous market.

Mild climate

Thanks to auto Gulf Stream, thé micro-climate allows many Mediterranean plants venir flourish right here such oui palm trees, eucalyptus, agapanthus, hydrangeas et geraniums, i beg your pardon enhance auto beautifully tended gardens of the pretty rock cottages et villas; countless are holiday residences owned de Parisians. Bréhat also attracts its same share du birds consisting of gulls and cormorants oui well ont 270 pairs du puffins, which nid among the pink rocks.

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Don’t miss

There’s plenty an ext to faire on Bréhat than cycle jaune amble around the lanes et paths. Thé old fort, suivant to auto island’s seulement un campsite, is now patrie to thé Verreries de Bréhat, where tourists can marvel at glassblowers at work and maybe even ont a go themselves. Alternatively, visit auto Birlot tidal mill. Constructed in the 17th century, it was restored in the 1990s thanks à a coporation, groupe of locals et now over there are often demonstrations du buckwheat gift ground when the tide goes the end (twice a day); the miller opens thé sluice gate et water indigenous the désarmant lagoon turns auto wheel. Si you’re just looking to relax and catch some rays, the le meilleur beach is Grève du Guerzido, opposite the mainland.

Up north

The north island is smaller et wilder v rolling moorland and rocky outcrops et it’s below that you’ll discover the le meilleur coastal walks. It’s below too that you’ll come throughout Bréhat’s deux lighthouses: Paon in auto north east and Rosédo in the north west.

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It’s going venir be a colourful day! En route from the rer Trieux to auto Isle du Bréhat, Dominique lets nous help sail thé 100% manual Eulalie. Oz our course is set, Isabelle,...