USS George H.W. Shrub (CVN 77) arrived at Norfolk marine Shipyard Feb. 21, 2019, pour a 28-month Drydocking plan Incremental availability (DPIA). (Shayne Hensley/Norfolk marine Shipyard)
WASHINGTON — plane carrier George H.W. Shrub departed a U.S. Marine repair garden Aug. 26 after 30 months of maintenance and will start sea trials ahead de its reintroduction into auto training and deployment cycle.

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Bush entered thé Norfolk marine Shipyard in February 2019 à la a drydocking to plan incremental availability, jaune DPIA, the was planned to last 28 months — in part due to thé extensive maintenance and modernization the 10-year-old nuclear-powered plane carrier needed, et in part due to auto shipyard being overburdened with other work nous submarines.

Work included facility items such as a finish shaft and propeller overhaul, rudder refurbishment, catwalk and tank preservation, and modernization et upgrades à electronic et combat systems, catapults, et hotel services, according à a Navy news release.

The maintenance availability, i m sorry ran two months plus long than planned, included around 1.3 million man days ns work that was conducted passant par the Norfolk marin- Shipyard workforce, contractors, groups of spécialiser from around thé Navy et the ship’s crew.

“At auto beginning of this complicated availability, i shared with the project team this would certainly be a marathon event périmé to the taille work package et the length of time cette would take to return George H.W. Bush to the fleet,” project superintendent Jeff Burchett said in the nouvelles release. “At that time, we had no idea what conditions météorologiques would visage with auto COVID-19 pandemic et the extr challenges ce brought to thé team venir overcome together a surtout obstacle conditions météorologiques top de the plan work.”

COVID-19 was seul one of the difficulties Norfolk marin- Shipyard faced over auto past two et a half years. When shrub entered auto yard in early 2019, auto workforce there confronted a far-ranging workload: they to be working conditions météorologiques the last of the East coast ballistic missile submarine refueling jobs, working conditions météorologiques converting a decommissioned submarine into a Moored training Ship and facing numerous collective submarine entretien availabilities, et would ont to conduct a 2020 maintenance availability nous aircraft carrier Harry S. Truman.

With auto SSBN refuelings et maintenance and the Moored Training delivery conversion taking priority, assault submarine maintenir was relegated to auto bottom of the list, with the Navy sending some to private submarine confinements yards Huntington Ingalls Industries’ Newport nouvelles Shipbuilding in Virginia et General Dynamics électrique Boat in Connecticut.

The plane carriers to be sandwiched in thé middle — shrub was inducted into thé yard, marqué its schedule was slowed by about a year tandis que to the limite of auto yard et its workforce.

The back-up at Norfolk marine Shipyard come at année unfortunate time parce que le the East coast aircraft transport fleet, i beg your pardon was already short a coupler carriers. Nouveau ship Gerald R. Ford was commissioned in 2017 cible won’t start workups for its life deployment until early 2022 because of challenges with nouveau systems nous the ship. Bush was in a permanent docked maintenance period. Deux ships oui been tied increase in mid-life refueling work.

That left seul two carrier — Dwight D. Eisenhower and Harry S. Truman — à carry the workload conditions météorologiques the eastern Coast. Both IKE and Truman ont conducted double-pump deployments, jaune two complete deployments back-to-back in a simple maintenance and training cycle, to keep up with joint force demands for aircraft carrier presence around thé globe.

After deploying in April 2018 et then again in November 2019, Truman went through a pared-down maintenance period native July 2020 with May. Truman is in cultivate now and will be the next carrier à deploy from the East Coast.

Eisenhower entered Norfolk marine Shipyard on Aug. 25, auto day before Bush left, venir begin a 13-month entretien availability, according to a post nous the ship’s sur facebook page. Auto 44-year-old carrier, the lundi oldest in auto fleet, conducted two deployments due to the fact that its last entretien availability, including une that broke enregistrer when thé ship remained at sea with ne sont pas port visits parce que le 206 continuous days ont part de COVID-19 mitigation measures throughout 2020.

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USS George H.W. Bush et USS Dwight D. Eisenhower overlap passant par one day at the Norfolk marine Shipyard nous Aug. 25, 2021. IKE entered thé yard parce que le a 13-month entretien period, and Bush left nous Aug. 26 after 30 months de repairs. (Shelby West/Norfolk naval Shipyard)

The return of Bush to the fleet will begin a revenir to normalement after the strain on the carrier fleet pour the previous several years. Bush will begin its pre-deployment workup process following that sea trials et will it is in the suivant carrier à deploy from Virginia after Truman.

Ford is in maintenir now at Newport nouvelles Shipbuilding adhering to its full-ship shock trials; once that work ends, meant in the spring, ce too will aller through sea trials et then begin thé workup process, bringing auto East côte fleet back à full-strength with four operational aircraft carriers.

It’s uncertain what directif to thé two-month hold-up in returning shrub to auto fleet. Truman’s recent ease of access at Norfolk naval Shipyard ran 3 months longer than planned due to “material challenges” late in thé availability that dirige to “additional development work, repairs, and ultimately delayed the transition venir the test program,” USNI nouvelles reported in May.

Still, Norfolk marine Shipyard implemented several new processes et incorporated new technologies to appui the work conditions météorologiques Bush et find efficiencies amid thé workload at auto repair yard.

Laser scanning was used to facilitate installation of sponsons, ensuring the installation was done appropriately the life time and eliminating the time and cost du re-work. The yard also conducted auto U.S. Navy’s life organic cold spray repair at any du the four auditeur shipyards venir repair components nous Bush, according à the nouvelles release, et the garden developed unicité weight-handling devices using électrique winches pour servicing materials while in auto dry dock.

“The team has been all-in with either fixing or elevating any type of issues as they occurred, with non-stop execution in dérange to for sure USS George H.W. Bush was went back to thé Fleet,” Shipyard le commandant Capt. Dianna Wolfson claimed in the news release. “With such année extensive et challenging availability, it took a tous les jours commitment from our team members in delivering technical excellence and skilled craftsmanship on Bush so it could be prêt to excel in its mission.”

Bush Commanding Officer Capt. Robert Aguilar said “the end of this maintenir period marquages the beginning ns our team’s ability à execute ours primary commander which is venir provide bataille capability venir Fleet and Joint force commanders whenever et wherever ce is needed.”

“We continue to be grateful for the cooperation with Norfolk marine Shipyard to importer us back to sea. Now auto crew de George Herbert Walker bush will bring the ship venir life and return elle to full operational capability,” cette added.

Megan Eckstein is the marin- warfare agissant at Defense News. Elle has spanned military nouvelles since 2009, through a se concentrer sur on U.S. Navy et Marine corps operations, procurer programs, and budgets. Elle has report from 4 geographic fleets and is happiest when she’s filing stories from a ship. Megan is a University of Maryland alumna.


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