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P.K. Spice Restaurant

P.K Spice Restaurant serves top unique Indian, Pakistani & Afghani food, as well as other delicacies from the West and the rest of Asia at affordable prices. The restaurant is situated in a st... More

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Miradouro domain authority Senhora bởi vì Monte

Lisbon"s cityscape is littered with many steep hills which allows for several vantage points with magnificent views over the city. There are many terraces or plazas from where one can look over t... More


Backpackers Hostel K"s House

Located a short walk from the Shichijo train station, this sweet hostel is a quick ride from the Nijō Castle. The unpretentious, private guest rooms are divided into mixed-sex và female-only cat... More


Zipline Kao Yai da Mountain

What, you thought Pattaya was all beaches và water-based activities! There is so much more! Located about an hour’s ride from Pattaya up on the side of the mountain is Canopy Adventures, perfect... More


Fiumicino-Leonardo da Vinci Airport

Fiumicino has three passenger terminals - Terminal A handles domestic flights, Terminal B some domestic & international flights, and Terminal C is responsible for transatlantic carriers. Airpor... More

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K The Two Brothers

The K in the name of this Indian restaurant stands for Kapurthala, a famous kingdom in Punjab with an incredible past. Known for its extreme sophistication & a rich legacy of culinary delights,... More

Backpackers Hostel K"s House Kyoto

Equipped with casual private rooms, & mixed-sex và all-female dorms that are well-kept and preened, this hostel is as good as you can expect.

Foodshop 45

Foodshop 45 is a family owned Indian restaurant in Hanoi that offers delicious và reasonably priced Indian food. The restaurant is in a beautiful location, situated right on Ho Truc Bach Lake an... More

Bánh mì Zòn

Of the many reasons to lớn target East 6th Street between First Avenue and Avenue A (A-1 Record Shop, Cherry Tavern, Death & Co.), one of them should be bánh mì Zòn.

Temple Church (The da Vinci Code)

The fact that this book probably inspired a new wave of literary tourists doesn’t endear it to lớn me, but the beautiful Temple Church in London’s Temple Bar Complex has become a major attraction ove... More





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